5 Books That You Should Read At Least Once In Life

26th Oct 2021

Reading books is one of the most acceptable therapies for our minds and brains. But finding the best book to read isn’t easy. Why it is, Isn’t it? There are so many books in the library and on the internet.

That’s the problem. We lost in the huge number. We are confused about what to read. We do not know much about books. That is why I found and researched some books that were praised by thousands of readers—making a list of five books that you should read.

It’s a time of the pandemic, and It’s free time for many of us. So let’s not waste time. Let’s start and gain more knowledge that helps us grow in practical life.

1. Moby Dick

I start the list with a short 720-page book, a fantastic creation by American author Melville. Moby-Dick’s story revolves around his central character Ahab. Ahab is the captain of the whaling ship ‘Picod.’ He is desperate for revenge against a giant white sperm whale.

Because this whale has taken part of its legs from below its knees, that’s why he goes crazy looking for that whale in the sea. The narrator of the story is a sailor named Ismail. The book is considered strange, scholarly, funny, deeply meaningful, and one of America’s most famous novels.

2. A Little Life

Here I have another exciting book. The book was nominated for a Man Booker Prize. The novel revolves around the life story of four friends. After graduating from college, they moved to New York City with big dreams. JB is an artist, William is an aspiring actor, and Malcolm is an architect.

But Jude – a lawyer who wants to hurt himself. Which has a mysterious past – the book focuses on this story of Jude as the story progresses. The issue of Jude’s suffering and loss continues to unfold.

The story is like a deadly tragedy and upsetting. Where the events of decades have been told, and tears will come to your eyes while reading the last pages of the book.


This book is considered Elliott’s masterpiece; the novel analyzes different people’s lives in a fictional city called ‘Middlemarch.’ This book contains almost 880 pages. From the aristocratic community’s landowners to the farmworkers or factory workers, everyone has a place in this book.

But the main focus revolved around two characters, one stubborn and strong-willed Dorothy Brook and the other the idealist Tartius Lidgate. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Although the book was written in the 19th century, it has an incredible sense of modernity because it explains the limitations of free will and the great themes of the struggle to become a moral person in this flawed world.

4. Bleak House

‘Bleak House’ is Charles Dickens’s longest novel. The book revolves around the story of the Jardines family. This book ‘Bleak House’ contains 928 pages. Those who hope to inherit wealth. But that dream failed again and again.

Because the Jaredis and Jaredites case has been in legal limbo for a long time and has been going on for generations, the case has become so complicated that none of the surviving heirs can understand anything about the case.

In this book, Dickens mocks the ‘Court of Chancery, a lawsuit in this court that could go on for decades. The novel has several characters and several side stories.

5. Don Quixote

This book contains 976 pages only. Don Quixote is a middle-aged Spanish gentleman who weaves many romances of heroes. From then on, he picked up the sword and decided to become a vagabond hero.

He set out on a world tour with his old horse and realistic mentality. . Don Quixote’s “heroic” work includes trying to fight the windmill, which he mistakenly thought was a monster, even fighting a flock of sheep. This influential literature is often considered the first modern novel.

All those books are considered must-read books for all book lovers person. If you like to spend time reading books, you must try these books.

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