Books To Read Recommended By Bill Gates

This article lists books to read recommended by Bill Gates based on his reading habit and point of view to the people and society. Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest and most successful people globally. Former Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates told The New York Times in an interview in 2015 that he reads 50 books a year.

If the lives of successful people in the world are analyzed, most of them are book-lovers. Many of us are ideal Bill Gates, and he is no exception.

Top Books To Read Recommended By Bill Gates

Bill Gates advised interested people to read books to keep them interested in life. He runs a website named Gates Notes for his followers. Today’s book is about the books that Bill Gates thinks young people and people of any age should read at least once in their lives based on his Gates Notes. I’ve got a list of 5 books that will help you on the journey of life—starting the countdown.


5. Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull

Creativity Inc. The book is written by Ed Catmull, a founder of the computer animation Giant. And the former president of Walt Disney and Pixar. His description in the book has spread far and wide with the valuable wisdom of managers and entrepreneurs.

According to him, any company should consciously refrain from harming employees’ natural creativity. The author beautifully explains how creativity works in the book and uses creativity to create newer organizations.

Moreover, the author writes about his childhood in this book. How that childhood dream of becoming a Disney animator has opened new doors in his life, and he has moved on in life. Author’s favorite quote,  “Failure isn’t a necessary evil. Even it isn’t evil at all. It is a necessary consequent of doing something new. ” This book tells the story of the beginning of a great company like Pixar and through it the story and reality of creativity and innovation.

4. Better Angels of Our Nature ’by Steven Pinker

Gates admits that the 700-page book, written by a Harvard psychologist, can be intimidating at first sight. But the writing style is effortless; no extra effort is required to read. He thinks that this book has beautifully described how torture or violence decreases over time.

Although these stories are widely reported on social media and newspapers, Pinker’s research provides a new perspective necessary for developing life. According to Bill Gates, this is one of the most significant books he has ever read, which has changed his outlook on life.

3. ‘Shoe Dog’ by Phil Knight

Phil Knight is a co-founder of the popular brand Nike. The book tells the story of the beginnings of world-famous businesses early last year. According to Bill Gates, the reader will remind us that the path to success is not straight; it is a very complex path.

This path is full of opposition, conflict, and painful feelings. Complex and long. Bill Gates said, “I have met Phil Knight a few times in the last few years. He is a wonderful man. But he is a freezing man, not easy to understand.

In this book, the author brings to our attention what the chief executives of some companies want to do and how they have established themselves in life.

2. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions ’by Thomas S. Kuhn

If a physicist writes a philosophy book, it is ‘The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.’

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the book is one of the most significant academic books of all time since its first publication in 1982. The book discusses the evolution of science over time and its impact on the modern age. This book sheds light on how scientific discoveries have been used for social development and how discoveries are a force for social development.

This book will introduce us to a particular word, ‘Paradigm Shift.’ When a person’s perception of a subject changes completely, it is called ‘Paradigm Shift.’ For example, Newtonian mechanics has been replaced by quantum physics.

1. Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh

Venkatesh is a professor of sociology at Columbia University. He took part in a team in Chicago in 1990 to do a sociology experiment. Bill Gates said: “Professor Venkatesh’s work is very inspiring in communicating with people, despite economic and cultural barriers. The more we each have the means to express our thoughts, the more we will learn to respect others’ rights. ”

Through this book, a person gets a clear idea of ​​his social and family responsibilities. The responsibilities that we are lagging behind most of the time.

Bill Gates Summer Reading List 2021

After completing a book we are reading, sometimes it isn’t easy to choose the next one. It could be for many reasons. Bill Gates releases his summer reading list every year, and I appreciate it. It helps those who get confused about what to read next. Bill Gates is a successful and respectable person; people love to follow his book recommendation.

What Books Does Bill Gates Read?

Bill Gates usually read books that he found helpful and inspiring for everyone. Based on Business Insider’s analysis, The Spy and the Traitor is the favorite book of Bill Gates. That means he likes to read non-fiction books. Because The Spy and the Traitor is a non-fiction book. The New Jim Crow, a non-fiction book, is also on his favorite book lists.

Bill Gates Reading List 2021

Bill Gates recently has announced our most anticipated annual book recommendation. He mainly publishes an article about reading recommendations two times a year, in winter and summer. Bill Gates summer reading list 2021 is following:

  • Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric — Thomas Gryta and Ted Mann.
  • Under a White Sky: The Nature of the Future — Elizabeth Kolbert.
  • A Promised Land — Barack Obama.
  • The Overstory — Richard Powers.
  • An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System: A Tale in Four Lives — Matt Richtel.

10 Best Books Written By Bill Gates

Bill Gates is also a good writer too. Here are the 10 best books that Bill Gates wrote. You will find all those books online.

  1. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
  2. Bill Gates Quotes: Bill Gates, Quotes, Quotations, Famous Quotes
  3. The Road Ahead
  4. Unleashing the Power of Creativity: A “This I Believe” Essay
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci: The Codex Leicester–notebook of a Genius
  6. Gambling Generics: Learn how to Win Money Without Losing Money
  7. Showing Up for Life: Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime
  8. Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies
  9. “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious Character
  10.  The Best Motivational Speeches of All Times

There are very few people on the list who have won the life battle who did not like to read books. Books are said to be the best means of acquiring knowledge. So read books, enrich your knowledge, enrich yourself.

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