Top 5 Books Written In Easy English

26th Oct 2021

Reading books is one of the healthy recreational and educational activities. No one does not wants to get lost in the world of stories. There is hardly a better companion than a book in leisure. Many are reluctant to read English books because they are weak in English.

However, indeed, there is hardly a rich literature in the world like English literature. There is nothing that is not written in this literature. So it is bad for you to overlook this vast resource due to linguistic weakness.

Many books are written – very useful for beginners in English literature. At the same time, these are as easy to read as they are easy to read. These books can be read and lost in imagination.

These are stories to enjoy. Hardcopies of each book can be found in bookstores in Bangladesh and any part of the world. Besides, soft copies of these are easily available on the internet. You can also find some PDF and Epub versions of these books too. It won’t be hard to find these books to read, so let’s start the list with our first book.

1. The Wind in the Willows

The background of this immortal creation of Kenneth Graham is the countryside of England. In this book, the author has brought to life various animals living on the river banks.

The story of the book has progressed through its various activities, adventures, and humorous works. Although this book was originally written for children, it is enjoyable for everyone, young and old. Everyone will like Graham’s simple writing and the excellent story.

2. Lord of the Flies

Written by William Golding, this book is one of the most famous books in English literature. The book is considered a modern classic and has been included in school textbooks in many countries. The story of the book is about some teenagers.

They are trapped on a secluded island, then build a world like their own. The story goes on with the good and bad of their own society. The author’s description is theatrical and colorful. As you read, it will feel as if you have gone to the island by yourself, living in that society!

3. The Old Man and the Sea

Even though we haven’t heard the name of this book, we have all read some parts – as a comprehension of the first letter in English! The main character in this timeless creation of Ernest Hemingway is an old sailor.

Hemingway writes effortlessly and straightforwardly, which is very useful for new readers. As you read, your mind will automatically get lost in the deep sea.

4. Animal Farm

The book is said to be George Orwell’s best work. Although the main story revolves around a farm and its animals, this book’s metaphorical meaning is profound.

It is a satirical article against the tyrannical rule of Joseph Stalin and also criticizes the structure of socialism. As you read, Maya will come to you on horse boxer and pig snowball, and you will suffer from Napoleon’s cruel actions.

5. The Giver

The protagonist of this book by Lois Laurie is a teenager who lives in a society where there is no smell of freedom. Pay attention to the story of this book written in short sentences from the very beginning. This book was written in 1993 and is considered a young adult dystopian novel.

These are the books for beginners who want to read English literature. These books were written in easy English. Reading and understanding these books are really easy compared to other English books. You can start your English book reading journey from these books.

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