Everyone Should Try “Eat That Frog By Brian Tracy”: Book Review & Rating

Eat That Frog was published by Brian Tracy in 2001. It was an international bestseller book by the author. And still, the value of the book is increasing. Our daily life has become so busy that we have so many things to do. So many tasks to complete.

But one of the major issues of failing to do those daily tasks is procrastination. Brian Tracy brought that book as a cure for procrastination. This is not a huge book in several pages. The book is small in the number of pages but very useful in practical life.

Eat That Frog is small in Pages but huge in content. I found this book very much practical and easy to read. This book is translated into many languages. You can also find the translation in the local market of your city.

I thought about giving a review of this book to put effort into reading it. Here in the following, you will find my thoughts and reviews about the book. Let’s get to know about the author first.

About the Author Of Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy is one of the famous Canadian-American motivational speaker and self-help books author. He was born in Canada in 1944. And right now, he is 77. He is running a company now which is named Brian Tracy International.

He offers self-development courses to people around the globe. Brian Tracy has written over eighty books in his 77 years life now. His books were translated into dozens of languages.

Eat That Frog! Earn What You Are Worth,  No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline and The Psychology of Achievement is one of his highly successful books translated into many languages worldwide. After many years of publishing, his books are still at the top of practical self-help books worldwide.

Eat That Frog By Brian Tracy

New York Times Bestseller Eat That Frog is all about how you can be more productive in daily life by avoiding procrastination. In the book, there are 21 great ways given to avoid procrastination.

And avoid not only procrastination but also ways to do more in less time and so on. If you think why the name is so ugly, Eat That Frog!

The answer is, Brian didn’t tell to eat a frog to avoid procrastination. This is not a ninja technic or guru tip. Brian has just tried to say that if you have two or three major tasks to complete, start with the hardest one first. One of the lines from the book I liked is,

If you are given to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. This line made sense to me. If you keep completing the easy task all day long, you will end up avoiding the hardest and important one. The book’s key idea is to start the day with the hardest task first.

He used the 80/20 formula, which was also really amazing. And nowadays, so many motivational speakers worldwide tell us about that. There are 21 contents in the book. Even it is a small page book. Those contents are so practical and helpful. Some of the contents from the book are:

  • Plan every day in Advance
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule To Everything
  • Consider the Consequences
  • Practice the ABCDE Method Continually
  • Focus on Key Result Areas
  • Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin
  • Do Your Homework
  • Leverage Your Special Talents
  • Identify Your Key Constraints
  • Take it One Oil Barrel at a Time
  • Put the Pressure on Yourself
  • And so on…

One of the introduction lines that made me feel enthusiastic was, “There have never been more possibilities and opportunities for you to achieve more of your goals than exist today.”

This is so true. It is never too late. You can start again from the failure or scratch from today. But the time is limited; you have to start it now. This is a wonderful time to be alive again.

My Opinion About “Eat That Frog” Book

The reviews and ratings of the book are good. In google, Eat That frog is liked by 93% of users. In Goodreads, this book’s rating is 3.9 out of 5, which is a healthy percentage. Motivational speakers around the world often suggest this book to people. And I found the book very much practical and easy to read.

There are no extra words used and no boring philosophies about life. It’s just a read-and-take-action type of book if you are stuck with your daily life and can not find a way to complete everything.

This is the kind of book you can keep with you all day long. I’ll recommend this book to read if you want to bring some changes and want some improvement in your daily life.

I found the original version of the book easy to read and understand. There can also be translated versions found in a bookshop.

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