Epub Is Better Than PDF

Yes, epub is better than PDF. Nowadays people like to read books through their electronic devices. It’s straightforward to access. Mostly, this is a free way to benefit from. You can read a book offline and online in PDF format or an Epub format. We all know about PDF (Portable Document Format).

This is a version of books and files that are readable on mobile phones, PCs, Tabs, and other electrical devices. Epub is mostly the same but has some extra features and benefits. In today’s article; I will try to describe those in a brief in the following part of this article.

Here in this article, you will know what PDF and Epub are. And the benefits of Epub and also my personal experiences. let me mention to you again; Epub is better than PDF. Throughout this article, we will be talking about that in a brief.

What Is PDF?

PDF is currently very popular, both offline and online. This file extension was first developed by Adobe in 1993; that gave text and graphic files more scope to advance. At that time, this file format was widely used, primarily offline. PDFs were used for offline document printing, posters, or any document printing from the desktop.

Today, however, PDFs can contain as many types of things as PDFs with power flowers, but PDFs could not contain so much initially. There was a problem with the PDF; the large document files were too big and too slow; the system had difficulty opening and reading the files on different electronic platforms.

A few years later, Adobe released a free PDF reader for PDF files, and since then, PDF has become known as a good document file standard, leaving many competing file formats behind. Thus PDF was the best file format for any text and graphic mixed documents. But Epub is better than PDF now.

At first, Adobe would only control the PDF; that is, how it would work, what features it would bring, or how it would be read was entirely in Adobe’s hands. But later, Adobe made PDF open standard, for which there are hundreds of different PDF readers available today. But has some difficulties and it’s quite boring to read the PDF files in any app on a PC or mobile.

Today’s major internet browsers can read PDF documents by default. So if you have Google Chrome installed, you don’t need a separate PDF reader. But I would say again, that Epub is better than PDF.

What Is Epub?

Epub is an electronic publication. In the most specific word, we call ebook. Books that are published for reading on electronic devices are called ebooks. Epub is a popular file format for ebooks. People say there are some benefits to ePub than PDF. The size of the ePub is much smaller as the whole book is typed instead of scanned.

There is also the advantage of making the font smaller and more significant. Just as we read books on mobile today in PDF file format, books can be read on mobile, tablet, or PC in epub file format. EPUB books can also be read on all devices. PDF books are being read to date. Many devices do not support PDF books but can read ePub books.

Which One Is Better?

Though I’ve already said EPub is better than PDF. Some people like reading through PDFs, and some people like Epub. It depends on your choice. PDF and Epub are both accessible tools for reading books. Personally, currently, I’m reading a book through Epub.

It gives me a feeling of reading an actual book. That PDF does not give it to me. Showing you the difference with a screenshot of the following: This is an Epub book. I was reading a book’s Epub version on my Android mobile. I had to download an app from the Play Store to open it.

After downloading it, I can access all EPub books through that app. As you can see, it gives me a feel of the actual colored book. This is a thing I liked about ePub.

Benefits of Reading with Epub

The ePub book can be compatible with the device. That means you don’t have to zoom in while reading a book. The device’s screen is not a problem with anything big or small. Let’s know about some benefits of reading books via ePub.

  • The text from the book can be copied and shared wherever desired.
  • The font size of the text can be changed. The font’s color can be changed, and even the book’s background color can be changed.
  • Epub is very light; that is why so many more books can be kept in less space. This reduces the waste of memory.

Epub Is Better Than PDF

Epub is a groundbreaking solution for those who see less with their eyes or have trouble reading short texts. EPUB is an excellent solution, especially for older people who are interested in reading books on digital devices.

You can mark any line of your choice in the book. Comments can be added to it. Later only the significant part can be exported. Specific pages can be bookmarked. Information can be found very easily through search.

Day/night reading mode facility is available. I recommended you try to experiment with both PDF and Epub. You will recognize the difference. And hope you will also say like me that Epub is better than PDF. Thank you!

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