Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones is a self-help book that you should read at least once in your lifetime. The words we choose when we talk have a huge impact on the person we talk to and express the person we are. Many of us are often confused about selecting words when we are talking.

And if it is a matter of convincing someone or winning an argument or in case of influencing someone, you need to be aware of what you are saying. Communicating skill is one of the vital skills of our daily life. It means a lot in our lives. If you know what to say, you can win friends, you can be able to convince people, and you can bring that impact you want to bring.

I have just learned about a book named, Exactly What to Say. I was excited to know more about the book and go to the book’s depth. And I did. I found something amazing inside the book, and the ideas that this book carries will help you a lot.

If you want to develop your communication skills, this book can be a perfect option. I will try to go inside the book and give a short review of this article. Let’s start with the author’s short bio first.

About Author Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones is an entrepreneur, businessman, and author of the bestselling book. He had an astonishing career. He started his career at the age of 14. He used to wash cars at that time. At the age of 15, he started earning more than his teachers. At 18, he joined a fashion brand as a sales manager.

He has a successful business career, and his ideas about business and entrepreneurship are getting popular day by day. He wrote many books. Exactly What To Say is his bestselling book. He also wrote Exactly What to Sell, Exactly Where to Start, Magic Words, etc.

Exactly What To Say By Phil M Jones

Exactly What To Say Summary

You have already got an idea about the book by the name. Yeah, this book teaches what to say in a discussion to capture the mind. This is a self-help book about communication ideas published in 2017 by Phil M Jones. This is a bestselling book that helps you to improve your communication skills. Especially if you run a business or want to be an entrepreneur or influence people, this can be an excellent book for you.

There are 23 contents given in the book. Each content starts with a quote, then some explanation, and ends with a quote. The writing process is unique in this book. One of the ideas shared in the book is Negativity forms positivity.

Sounds interesting, right? Let me explain it to you. If you want to convince someone, you can convince him way better than showing the negative side of something. For example, if you tell someone to clean their house and tell him the benefits of a cleaned house, he might feel that he already knows that.

But if you tell him how many harmful things can happen to him or his family if he does not clean his house regularly, he will be convinced better. There are so many ideas that have been shared in the book in improving communication skills. You can get a brief idea about talking with people to get the best outcome.

Exactly What To Say Review

We are social creatures, and communication is one of the fundamental parts of our society. If you have good communication skills, you can win friends, convince people, do well in business, etc. There are many positive things you can do with better communication skills. This is one of the best qualities of a human being.

And this book will help you a lot to increase your communication skills. 94 percent of Google users liked this book, and the book got 3.7 ratings on Goodreads and 4.4 on Audible.com, which is a decent score. If you have more questions or have any complaints about this book, you can comment below.

I struggled with what to say in my speech, and I stumbled across Exactly What To Say. As soon as I started using it, the words and phrases just flowed, and it was more accessible than ever before to write a great speech. All of my friends who have heard it think it is the best speech they have ever heard!

The title of this book says it all, “Exactly What to Say.” I found this book extremely helpful and one of the best books on the subject. It’s straightforward to follow with many examples to help you remember what to say. I plan on repurchasing it as a gift for relatives if they need a refresher course. Suppose you are looking for a self-help book. Thank You.

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