Matilda by Roald Dahl is incredibly perfect for every age and sold over 17 million copies worldwide. The story of this book was written based on a very young girl Matilda’s life.

Author Roald Dahl narrated the story as you will feel like you are watching Matilda growing and everything is happening in front of you, and you are a part of how we should treat our children! Our relationship between children and family is the main theme of the Matilda book’s story!

The central character is Matilda, and the story of this book is based on her family, her school, and how she grew up as an extraordinary child.

Matilda Book Review Summary & Plot

To understand Matilda book review summary, we need to discuss the plot in debt. Here is a strong hidden message author Roald Dahl tried to send his readers.

Matilda was disregarded since her family took her home when she was a little child. Her father is a used car seller, and her mother doesn’t do anything special but play bingo every afternoon.

Matilda By Roald Dahl


Both her father and mother don’t like her very much, and they don’t treat her as the child should be treated though she was an amazing kid of her age. Matilda stayed home alone all day, and her family was out every day. She learned to cook read on her own.

When she was only 3, she read through newspapers and magazines. She had completed reading the only book on her house when she was 4.

She asked her father to buy her books, but her father didn’t. Because he was a man who believed children should spend their free time watching television. One day Matilda discovered that she would go to the nearest library to read the book.

Within a few weeks, she has completed all the children’s books in the library. With the librarian’s help, she read books of different authors, including Dickens, Bronte, Austen, Hemingway, and George Orwell.

Matilda becomes an expert also in math calculation. One day her unusual and unexpected calculation makes her father angry, and he tries to punish Matilda; from there, Matilda gets an idea to punish someone else.

She decided to punish her father, so she changed her father’s hair color, glued her father’s hat, and hid a parrot of her friend in the chimney to scare her parents. She was an extraordinary self-growing child, she learned to write and read on her own, read almost every author’s book in the library, and everything she did, everything without concern of her father and mother.

One day her father decided to admit her to the school, and she was pleased to go to school. But in the school, the principal Miss Agatha Trunchbull was so strict, and she callously punished her students so that the students didn’t dare to say something to their parents against the headmistress.

In the first class, Matilda did fantastic work. Everybody becomes astonished, including her teacher Miss Honey; Matilda did a massive math calculation without writing, instead of calculating her mind.

Her teacher Miss Honey tried to promote her to the higher class; in this regard, Miss Honey went to the headmistress and Matilda’s family. But everywhere, she was insulted. Matilda then made a good friendship with Miss Honey and started going to her house.

Matilda has supernatural powers; she can see telekinesis things and shows that to Miss Honey. Miss Honey shared her story that the headmistress Trunchbull is her aunt, and she once lived with her father. After Miss Honey’s father’s unexpected death, her aunt Tranchpull gets her out of the house.

Matilda thought she would help her teacher, Miss Honey, get back to the house. One day in their class, Matilda teaches a lesson to Miss Trunchbull by using her telekinesis power that she practiced making stronger to help her teacher. After that, Miss Trunchbull just disappeared without saying anything to anyone.

Matilda Happy Ending

After the disappearance of the headmistress Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey gets back to her house, the school’s full authority. Matilda continued visiting Miss Honey’s house. One day Matilda’s family was trying to escape from the police for selling a stolen car. They were in a hurry and wanted to take Matilda with them.

But Matilda liked Miss Honey so much that she didn’t want to go with her family by leaving Miss Honey. Matilda asked her father to sign in the papers to live with Miss Honey. Her parents uninterruptedly agreed to her proposal. Miss Honey and Matilda started happy living life.

Moral Of The Story Of Matilda

We shouldn’t treat our children in a way that could make it so much hard. The relationship between a child and the parent could be so much more friendly. We should read more because reading is good for our soul, and we should always be confident in our abilities.

In the end, Matilda got a new family, and she was pleased to stay with Miss Honey, which means the family could be much more something beyond blood connection.

Matilda By Roald Dahl Rating

That was all about Matilda’s book review summary; now, let’s see the ratings on different platforms. We follow some most common sites like Google Books, Goodreads, and Book Trust to rate a book.

Rating for Matilda book in different sites:

  • Google Books: 93% of people liked this book and got 4.7 ratings.
  • 4.3 out of 5 in Goodreads.
  • 4.1 out of 5 in Common Sense Media.

If you haven’t read this book, you can collect and read this book or watch the movie adapted from this novel in the same title.

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