The book No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline is one of the best self-help books I’ve read. This book has almost everything you need to be successful in this life. In this lockdown, I lacked self-discipline. And even all of us are somehow lacking in this portion of life. So I wanted to master it.

I was searching for some self-help books about mastering self-discipline. And I think I got a masterpiece. This book is a full combo of what you need to learn if you feel lost or find self-development ideas. This book was written by one of the famous Canadian-American authors Brian Tracy.

I’ve already read one book by this author, and it was also amazing. But this one was amazing. The book is full of amazing ideas, and you will find important takeaways from the book that you will need in life to achieve bigger success. So let’s jump into the deep ocean of this book.


Brian Tracy

About Author Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the most popular self-help book authors globally. He wrote many best-selling books and still working on them. He is not only an author, but he is also a motivational speaker. Right now, he is the CEO of Brian Tracy International. This company trains individuals or organizations for development.

He is the author of more than seventy top-selling books translated into many languages. No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline is one of Brian’s best books. He also wrote Eat That Frog!, The Psychology of Selling, Maximum Achievement, Earn What You are Worth, and so on.

The Power Of Self Discipline By Brian Tracy

No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline By Brian Tracy

This book was first published in 2010 by Brian Tracy. This is one of the best books by the author I have read till now. Not only for me, but people worldwide also gave this book an excellent review. One of the best things I’ve learned from this book is we do not need the motivation to do something; we need self-discipline.

I think the word motivation is now an overrated word. Self-discipline is more important than motivation. If you don’t believe me, look at the most successful people worldwide. Do they need the motivation to do what they used to do? They were internally motivated and highly disciplined to do the important things.

And they are still doing it. We have to stop looking for external sources of motivation. We should be focusing more on self-discipline. Here in the following, I’m giving some key takeaways from the book,

Our Eliminating Excuses

We have to stop giving excuses to ourselves. We all want to be successful in life, and we want to get the dream, a job, get the dream car, get in shape, and all of the stuff; we can do that. We know we need to go to the gym or give time to walk if we want the physique and health we want. But somehow, we can not consistently do it.

We find excuses, and everyone is busy in the world. Still, people manage their time for things they need to do. And you can also manage time for things you need to do when you can eliminate excuses.

Learn Self Discipline

This is the most important thing that was discussed in the book. This book is all about the importance of self-discipline. And how you can also achieve the highest success in life by practicing self-discipline daily. Self-discipline is what you should do, whether you want to do it or not. One of the best lines from the book is.

The unsuccessful people hate the same things that the successful people hate to do, but still successful can do it, whether they want it. Do not be overwhelmed by the word motivation. You do not use motivation as your driving power. You should be driven by yourself.

If you get used to any external source of motivation as your driving power, you may lose the power within yourself. We don’t need external sources to push and motivate us to do something. Don’t think me wrong; motivation is important. But self-discipline is way more important than motivation.

And we do not value self-discipline the way we value motivation. What you need is already within yourself. You need to understand the importance of a task and then have to be disciplined and do it consistently whether you feel it to do it or not. And you through away all the distraction that comes your way.

That’s what self-discipline is. You will find more in the book. Successful people often don’t wanna do the thing they know they should do, but they do it anyway, whether they feel to do it or not.

Focus On Long Term

Unsuccessful people do things that are tension-relieving, and successful people do things that are goal-achieving. That says the book. We often get stuck in things that give us short-term relief. And we don’t want to do something that does not reward us instantly.

This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. In today’s world, If you want to achieve something bigger in the future, you have to focus on things that do not give you instant rewards but can be so valuable later.

We grow the habits of so many harmful things easily. And the habit makes what we are. One of the best lines I learned from the book is,

Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with; good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.

Everything is hard before it’s easy. This book teaches us to focus on long-term goal-achieving tasks that we must do. Whether we feel like doing it or not. And the habit grows slowly; we have to continue with self-discipline.

This book also teaches us the value of integrity. We should not be fake. Our personal life and public should be the same. We have to be genuine to achieve bigger success in life.

Reviews And Ratings

This is a bestselling book by the author Brian. This book got very decent reviews and ratings from so many readers worldwide. Even the translated version of this book became a bestseller and good too many positive reviews.

No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline book was translated into dozens of languages. Including Bengali. The book No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline is liked by 96% of Google users.

This is a decent score by the book and got 4-star ratings out of 5 in Goodreads. And in Flipkart, got 4.4-star ratings out of 5. There is an app available in Google Play by the name of this book that got 4.5-star ratings out of 5. All the score says how people liked this book. My rating for the book is 4.9 out of 5.

Conclusion On No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline

No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline book has everything you need to learn to achieve your bigger goals. This book will give you some key ideas that will open your mind.

The good thing is, if you do not have any self-discipline in life, you can master it by practicing daily. You eliminate excuses, identify the important tasks for achieving your goal, and then practice it in a disciplined manner.

This is what was briefly discussed in the book. I liked the book and found this one of the best self-help books I’ve read in my life. No Excuses: The Power Of Self Discipline book is recommended for all who want to achieve bigger success in life and be the person they dream of.

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