Novel Speaks And Fiction Seeks

Novel speaks, and Fiction seeks- it’s simple to say. I guess it’s important to know the difference between a novel and Fiction before reading a book. Often we do not know what types of books we are reading. Is this a novel Fiction or non-fiction, or what? Here we have addressed the non-fiction writings as novels and the imaginary ones as Fiction.

When you are reading a novel, it speaks of the story of a time, situation, and events. When you are reading Fiction, it seeks something that is not usual and not seen in the present world. This is the main difference between novels and Fiction. Let’s know about the differences more elaborately throughout the whole article.

What is a Novel?

A novel in the general sense refers to a long presentation written in prose. The breadth of the novel is greater than that of the short story. Personality and social consciousness are essential in writing a novel. In a successful novel, the story, events, characters, narratives, juices, dialogues, language, etc. are the main expressions of the writer’s life philosophy and life experience.

The broad background of the novel reflects the whole of human life and society. The novel is a prominent art form of modern times. The literal meaning of the novel is to place it in a suitable or special form. The novel is a special technique, method, or style of narrating an element in a story form.

The novel’s lexical meaning is a fictitious prose narrative or tale presenting a picture of the real-life of the men and women portrayed. In other words, a novel is a story or story written in prose where the reality of human life is reflected. I hope you have understood the first part of the title, the novel speaks, and Fiction seeks.

What is Fiction?

In most straightforward words, Fiction is the imagination of the writer. In general, Fiction does not follow the real facts and real stories of life. It is based on people’s thinking and creativity. There is no limit to the pages of a fiction book. It can be 200 pages or 5K; it is the writer’s choice.

We have all heard about the word ‘Science Fiction.’ Science fiction means a fiction story, which is based on science. The science behind Fiction does not need to be the same as today’s science. The writer can imagine science in a higher position than today.

I’m giving some examples of fiction books and stories. We all heard about Harry Potter. Not only hear, but most of us also read Harry Potter, although 12 publishers first rejected it. Harry Potter, the Philosopher’s Stone, was one of the highest-selling books ever in world history.

But that’s not our topic. I want you to know that Harry Potter is Fiction. The story of Harry Potter was the imagination of the author J.K. Rowling. That is why it is called Fiction. I hope you know now.

Through her book, she has always searched for something unseen and darker or grayer than the present world, which defines what ”fiction seeks”. So, I think now you have understood the second part of the title; novel speaks, and Fiction seeks.

Common Difference Between Novel And Fiction

“Novel Speaks, And Fiction Seeks”- not the only difference, but there is more to it. According to the famous English novelist E. M. Forster, a novel should be 50,000 words.

The novel is a medium of literature with room for a detailed description. Here the writer can openly record his opinion or evoke each character by overcoming all kinds of limitations.

The novel can be seen as a vast canvas, with the author placing each chapter according to his plan. Accurate mention of space-time, a keen eye for reality, ability to touch the deep bottom of the human heart — etc., are all needed for a successful novel.

But Fiction does not need that many things. It can be a short story, a semi-short story, or a long story. Or even a very long story. Fiction is not a true story. It relies on imagination. There are a lot of fiction books and stories found all over the world.

And always remember one thing when you are reading or writing a novel or a fiction- ” Novel speaks, and fiction seeks.”

What Should You Read? Novel? Or Fiction?

If you want some real-life experience in life, you should read non-fiction. But it’s not about just reading books to learn some stuff; sometimes we just read to spend our quality time improving reading habits. So, you can go with novels or Fiction.

But what would be best for you? Is it novel? Or is it Fiction? Well, that depends on what you prefer to read. Let us know by writing a comment below. To me, I prefer reading novels to Fiction.

Books are often found in science fiction, War fiction, normal Fiction, etc. I can say Fiction can be a Novel, but all the Novel is not Fiction. The novel that is based upon the reality of society isn’t Fiction. And the huge fiction books can be a novel. Fiction is the genre of which Novel is a part.

So, I hope you have found the differences between novel and Fiction and understood what I’ve tried to say with the phrase ” Novel Speaks And Fiction Seeks.”

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