Reading Books Vs Watching Motivational Videos

Have you ever wondered if you should rather watch videos while you are reading books? Reading books versus watching motivational videos is always a matter of confusion for new readers.

Watching motivational videos or a book summary is easier than reading the whole book. Many of us do not have much time to read books. We have the time, but we fail to utilize it properly. That’s a different topic, though. Finding shortcuts in everything has become a trend nowadays.

We find the more straightforward ways, and we do not think about whether it will benefit us or not. Everything has become quick; you order a product online, you get it immediately. You order foods that come within the time.

Choose One Between Reading Books vs Watching Motivational Videos

Our minds and brains now always find shortcuts. Not all the shortcuts are wrong or hurt us. The question is is this shortcut going to benefit us or not? People choose book summary videos or motivational videos over reading books. In this post, I will try to bring some results of research that will show you how reading books can affect our brains.

And how reading books is going to benefit us. And what happens when we make a habit of watching motivational videos or book summary videos and skip reading books? And it would help if you did get the maximum benefit from the time you are investing in both of them.

Watching Motivational Videos or Book Summary

When we watch any video, we do not read anything. We listen, and at the same time, we start looking at the video. I experienced that this is not a deep stage of the brain. When we watch videos, we listen and gather that information in our brains. We can not think that deeply or silently about the topic at that time.

We may think about that after pausing the video. But we generally don’t do that. Some people may excuse that they do not have the time to read books. They are not too busy. They didn’t manage their time properly. If you give 30 minutes every day to watch motivational videos, you can also read 3/4 pages of the book every day.

You are still consuming information but slowly. Watching motivational videos or book summaries is easier than reading books. You do not have to work much. Our brain works less when we watch motivational videos or book summary videos. And that’s like a trap.

Gradually people who make a habit of watching videos over reading books tend to find more manageable tasks over hard tasks. And that’s sure it may hurt another aspect of someone’s life. Working hard is what winners do, and we all know that there is no shortcut to success. This habit of searching for easier tasks over hard ones might negative impact.

Another thing is that a motivational video or a book summary won’t have the full remedy of the book. It is impossible to zip a full book in a 20-30-minute video. I see videos even shorter that are trending. So people who choose to watch motivational videos about a thing or watch book summaries are missing some important lessons from the book.

And I do not think those YouTubers have read the entire book properly and given a review. There are also trust issues there.

Reading Books

When we read our favorite book with full focus, many brain parts get activated. We start understanding those words deeply. We start imagining what’s happening in the book. It is a deep stage of being conscious. Reading a book is the brain’s workout, which is necessary for brain growth and proper functioning of the brain.

There are lots of studies done about how reading books can benefit us. The results of those studies were better than expected. Now let’s see some results of studies that proved reading books has more benefits than just watching motivational videos or summaries online. At the end of the post, I’ll be giving the sources of studies that I’m showing.

According to research, brain-stimulating activities like reading books will preserve and improve your memory. One study shows that people with good reading habits experience a much slower memory loss than those who don’t read books regularly. Reading books regularly ensures better brain health for people of all ages.

Reading books daily is like going to the gym to train your body. The more you train frequently, the stronger you get. It is the same for our brains. Much it works out; much it gets sharper. When someone reads a book daily, his brain keeps getting sharper and stronger every day. When someone reads a book, different parts of our brain get activated, and the brain’s connectivity level increases.

Neuroscientists say that our brain loses white matter during depression and deep stress and anxiety. But reading books every day for about 30 minutes can significantly increase the brain’s white matter. So reading books can also help us reduce stress and anxiety. Reading books has so many benefits; each study shows different benefits.


If you want to benefit from reading books, you have to make it a habit. A habit of daily reading for at least 20-30 minutes may give you benefits. Watching motivational videos and summaries can also benefit you in the short term. But there are some negative impacts too that I’ve already discussed.

If you have urgency and need to observe a book in a short period, you can choose to watch book summary videos.

But that’s not for every day for a special purpose. What you choose to make habits of will benefit you in the long term. Here, I’m giving some links to sources of studies that prove the benefits of reading books.

  • Alzheimer’s Facts And Figures.

So, let us know what you prefer between reading books vs watching motivational videos.

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