The Alchemist: Life Lessons From One Of The Best Fiction Books

30th Mar 2021

Paolo Coelho is undoubtedly an amazing writer of the twenty-first century. Of course, his writing’s creativity has been built in the last 50 years, but his knowledge and rationalism have undoubtedly created a strong position in the present.

At present, people are imprisoned in a consumerist and progressive way of life. People tend to forget that they have a spiritual aspect and cannot move away from their souls if they want to. And whether we know it or not, why are we falling in love with immersing ourselves in artificiality?

Paulo, the possessor of profound knowledge, has brought before us a complete body of knowledge that is known to all of us as “The Alchemist.” This book highlights some of the most important aspects of life philosophy.

His knowledge and his strong positive mental thinking have brought us some beautiful things. This proves that the book is not just for entertainment but also for life philosophy and life change.

Truth Triumphs all The Time

If you always value the truth in any situation, even if someone misunderstands you, he will come to you at some point, realizing your truth. In the same way, if you give more importance to lies like temporary and transient light rays, then know that if someone misunderstands you, it will not last long for you to be right for a temporary period of time.

It is never possible to give a new form to the truth. Truth is always much more valuable and powerful. And so whenever you look for the right decision, always put the truth first.

At the same time, he will be committed to being truthful with others because the only truth will work as the only effective way to get rid of any problem. And no matter how negative the situation, do not resort to lies.

Embrace the Present Moment

Not in the past, not in the future, try to live all the time in the present. If you always focus on your present time, then you will undoubtedly be a much happier person.

Remember, your existence is now and now. That is, if you do not give importance to your present, then a bright tomorrow will fade in front of you. Because neither the past nor the future will bring you any results overnight, your tomorrow will not be beautiful if you are stuck with the future.

Remember, if you want to make tomorrow beautiful, you have to give importance to the present. There is no point in falling into the past because the past thoughts will give you nothing but worries.

On the other hand, Akash Kusum’s imagination about what will happen in the future will take you away from the real world. And so give more importance to the present.

Be Outspoken

Whenever we want to decide on something, we are confronted with a situation or decision that we never thought of before. In other words, many types of situations may come before us in making decisions.

But you have to believe that if you delay making a decision or think too much, it will not be that your decision will be more effective, but that the decision may seem to cause a lot of problems.

If an outspoken attitude supports you in making a decision, you must make that decision without delay. That is, before making any decision, awaken your conscience as well as your outspoken attitude.

Ask yourself if the decision you are going to make is fruitful at all. And if that doesn’t work, avoid that kind of decision and move forward with courage.

Never Give Up

The key to success in life is to fall seven times and get up eight times. Never surrender, never lose. Your faith will determine your success. And so no matter how many problems you face, no matter how many dangers you face, if they stand in the way of your success, you must have the power to turn around.

Happy Ending Of The Alchemist

In Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece novel The Alchemist, a young shepherd named Santiago wants to lead his life differently and wants to travel the world. In his journey, Santiago learns many lessons, finds the treasure he was searching for, and most importantly found his Personal Legend.

In his journey, he met Crystal Merchant, Englishman, Camel Herder, Alchemist, and Fatima. He fell in love with Fatima; she supported Santiago’s quest, even though it would take him away from her. Fatima represents true love, selfless and unconditional, so Santiago wanted hardly to marry her after completing his quest.

This book is one of the best motivational books ever. This book teaches us, whatever we want in our life, the thing we deserve, the whole universe around us tries to give that to us, but it’s we who give up on our dreams. If we try harder, we can do whatever we want to.

Remember, no success will come to you if you stay at home. That’s why you have to fight. You will fall again and again, but you have to turn around. If you want to be successful in life, believe in yourself.

Believe me, no matter what the problem, you will turn around. Don’t expect anyone else to trust you all the time. You have to put your faith in yourself.

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