The Art of Dealing With People Book By Les Giblin

The Art of Dealing With People must learn a lesson for every person around us. We all want success and happiness in life. To reach our goal of success and get the true taste of happiness, we must learn how to deal with different kinds of people around us.

People are part of our goal, and if we can successfully deal with people around us, the happiness we are seeking will be with us. There is no rocket science in influencing people or dealing with people. You have to understand some basic principles. Influencing people is an art.

Read “The Art of Dealing with People,” a self-help book that will help you learn this art.

The Art of Dealing With People Book By Les Giblin

The Art of Dealing With People Book Review

This book, The Art of Dealing with People, can help you a lot about those methods. Here in this article, I’ll bring some points from the book and give you some ideas. But please do not rely on just one article to understand a book. It is not possible to describe a book in one article. You need to read the full book to get the most out of it.

Think Creatively About Human Relationship

We face difficulty dealing with different kinds of people we meet every day for many of us. The fact is everyone is not the same, and different people have different characteristics. According to the book, 90% of people fail to deal with others. And this affects their life badly. Learning how to create a good relationship with people is important;

it is as important as learning other skills. It is also a field where people need to succeed to grow in life. Influencing people in the right way will benefit us in many ways. And it is not a mind hack method. It is an art. We can not force people to like us. But some criteria need to be fulfilled to create a good relationship with people around you.

The Importance of Making Other People Feel Important

From the book, you can learn that everyone you meet has value. Maybe someone has more value than others. But do not sit in the position of a judge. We have to understand that everyone around us is important. They are valuable to us, no matter how. We can not make people feel good about us if we do not value them genuinely.

If we do not feel the importance of others, they won’t feel good with us. Making others feel important in your life is important. Many of us fall into the trap of ego here. Being egoistic and not realizing people’s importance is a mistake in making good connections with people around us.

If you start thinking of everyone as your competition, things can worsen. We should not find mistakes of people to increase our importance to them.

The Attitude and Action Of Others

Everyone tries to control others and make an impact on their actions. Before we try to control others’ actions, we should think about how it would feel if someone would control our actions in the same way. First of all, we have to realize our attitude toward others.

Think of our attitude and behavior as a mirror and get a clear view of how it may look to others. Here another thing I saw is that shaking hands sends a valuable message to the person. If you shake hands slowly and with low confidence and low energy, it sends a negative or low vibe. If you shake hands low and energetically, it sends them a positive attitude about you.

Conclusion On The Art of Dealing With People

Our tone of voice is also a valuable thing. It is the best way to express ourselves. We should use tones that sound confident. Some people talk with a low sound and in a crying voice, which makes them feel less confident. Smiling also has a huge effect on the people around you.

It can have a tremendous impact, and it can help you a lot to influence others. Even in small matters, a smile should be genuine and from the heart. But always having a smiling face is also not that good. This is it for one article. I do not want to cover a whole book in one page. And that is not possible either.

You have to read the original book to learn more about it. Hopefully, this has helped me get some ideas from the book The Art of Dealing with People by Les Giblin. Please put a comment below and let us know if you have already read the book or not.

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