Someone Recommended Me “The Compound Effect” Book!

22nd Oct 2021

Many of us have already been heard about this book. This is one of the best-selling self-help books with some amazing ideas. The Compound Effect is one of the key books to change our mindset towards many things.

Darren Hardy wrote this book. I have bought the book last week and got so many ideas from the book that I thought I needed to share with you.

I bought the translated version, where it is a bit hard to get the 100% of the original copy. So I was watching some reviews by experts about this fantastic book.

Even the ideas that have been shared in this book have already been shared in many motivational videos on YouTube—even some motivational speakers around the world quote from this book.

I was so excited to see some reviews about the book online. And found something amazing that can change our mindset towards many things. There are no ninja techniques in the book; you will see the author discussing the simple things that can make a huge difference in our life. In the following, I’ll try to give the author a short bio and try to go inside the book.

Darren Hardy Wrote This Book

Darren Hardy is an American best-selling author, a public speaker, and an adviser. The best books are The compound Effect, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, Living Your Best Year Ever.

He was the executive producer of The People’s Network and Chairmen of The Success Training Network. in 2007, he published a business news magazine named Success.

The Compound Effect is the best book by him till now that was a world bestseller and were translated into many languages around the world. The author Darren Hardy was born in America in 1971.

How Was The Compound Effect Book?

A question that some of you may already hear. If you have two options to choose from, you will be given 2 dollars, which will be double every day till 30 days, and you will have 10$ million dollars right now. What will you choose? I know you guys are smart.

You will choose the 2$ option that will be double every day for 30 days. If the month is 31 days, then it will be more than 200$ million. This is what the compound interest is. The patient is critical here. If you want to achieve something huge, you have to keep patience.

People often rush for quick results, and that’s totally wrong; we get stuck in life for this type of mentality. In the book, there will be a brief explanation about why and how we fall into the traps of rushing and find a quick result that contradicts our long-term Success.

The book teaches us to think long-term instead of short-term Success, which usually does not have such values.

We focus on short-term action, and we think stealing the show in a short period will blow the mind of thousands. Like the TikTok videos, which are just 10-15 seconds long and do not take much effort.

We value these things much more than what takes a long time to create, such as creating a documentary about 100 children living in poverty. Because we value the short term more than the long term things, we do everything that gives only short-term pleasure.

We fall for instant results; we seek instant pleasure, which makes our life unsuccessful in the long-term process. If we are students, studying hard every day can take us into a perfect position in the future. But we often get stuck with things that give us instant pleasure, such as Playing PUBG, COD, watching funny videos on youtube, etc.

If you want to achieve a long-term goal and can not find a way to get out of short-term things, this book may help you. This is a highly recommended book by many motivational speakers around the world.

My Verdict

The book has a lot of ideas that can really help you to achieve long-term goals. You will also discover how you are wasting your energy on short-term things that actually have no value.

You will be able to identify important things in achieving long-term goals and things you should avoid. This book won’t disappoint you for sure; I’m recommending you this book if you want to improve in life.

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