The House in The Fog is a fictional book for children and young guys. The original title is “The House in the Fog and Other Stories.” This book contains some amazing stories. This is a fictional book. Ten short stories in the book are filled with magic, mystery, and adventure.

The author of this book is Enid Blyton, a children’s writer. But this book, The House in the Fog, is for all ages. Those stories are short easy to read, and amazing to read. This book was one of the best-selling books of this famous author.

That is why I have decided to give a short review of this book. Here in the following, you will find a short bio of the author, and then we will jump into the main article, which is the review of this book.

Enid Blyton

About Author Enid Blyton

The House in the Fog and Other Stories is a book by Enid Blyton that is a collection of short stories of magic, mystery, and adventure. Enid Blyton was an English writer born in the United Kingdom in 1897.

The author of this book Enid Blyton is known as a children’s writer. She wrote the world’s best-selling books since 1930. She is one of the most popular children’s writers around the world.

Her book was enormously popular among children and children; many adults still appreciate her writings and enjoy reading his books. Her books have already sold more than 600 million copies worldwide, and her books were translated into more than 90 languages around the world. She took his last breath in 1968 in the United Kingdom.

The House in The Fog


Inside the Book’ The House in The Fog’

The House in the Fog, which has become an international bestseller, Enid Blyton’s author recounts ten remarkable stories. This book of fairy tales and children’s adventures can win the hearts of children and adults.

The ten stories in this beautiful book are The House in the Fog, The Magic Box, The Train That Never Stops, Mr. Wigley’s Scissors, Willie’s Dog, The Magic Handkerchief, Biscuit Tree, A Thousand Wishes, Prickley’s Family, Teredidall Town. Every story is beautiful and amazing to read.

The story is about a character named William. In the book’s story, the boy William lost his in the thick fog. He lost his way and appeared in a strange house. While there, he encountered a terrible situation. The story of the “magic box” is a beautiful fairy tale.

The story centers on two evil ghosts. “The Train That Never Stops” very much imitates the magic box story. This story is about two fairies who steal a princess train. But as soon as the train stopped, there was a lot of danger. “Mr. Wigley’s Scissors” story is about a tailor and a witch.

Wigley’s scissors are not like any other common scissors. The main fun of the story begins after this great scissor falls into the hands of the witch. In the story “Magic Handkerchief,” Billy writes about a magic handkerchief he got from a witch and all the unexpected events that followed.

Every story in the book was such that the mind was desperate to know what would happen next. Stories have to be like that. If there is no fuss in mind before starting and ending a story, that story is not selfish.

The selfishness of the story is due to the reader’s liking or being overwhelmed. There is no opportunity to look down on any story in the book.

I do not want to tell more about the story to avoid spoilers. If you discover yourself, you’ll find it more impressive than getting an idea from me. So why wait for my opinion?

The House in The Fog: Good Reads Review and Ratings

The author has provided education and entertainment in witches, ghosts, fairies, animals, etc. It seemed that the writer had highlighted various important aspects of society in the form of these witches, fairies, etc.

The excellent book ‘The House in the Fog’ has not failed to satisfy an infinitely demanding reader like me.

48 People around the world rated this book on Goodreads. The average rating is 3.8 out of 5, which is okay. You can not expect a storybook to get 5 out of 5. We have found only two reviews about this book on Goodreads, which surprised me.

And another surprising thing is that I found no negative reviews about this book on Goodreads. Someone in 2008 said, “The story is scary but interesting.” Another review I found is that “an excellent book indeed.” I liked the way people reacted to this storybook.

This is it for this article. Hopefully, you have got an idea about the book The House and The Fog. If you want to get to know the book closely, there is no other option than to read it thoroughly. Before judging a book, it is recommended that you have read it well. I hope you would like to read our other book reviews.

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