The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary tells you of the fascinating guide written by David J. Scwartz. I am sure if you’re here to get to know more about the book and maybe learn a few things that are hard to understand, This summary will serve your needs to a T.

The book The Magic Of Thinking Big was first published in 1959, and since then, this timeless classic has inspired millions of readers. It broadens their belief and gives them a larger vision of what’s possible. From here we will go through the elements this book presents us with and find our answers.

So sit tight and enjoy this pleasant read to rediscover your horizons through The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary.

Who is David J. Schwartz?

Before we go ahead and read The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary, it is essential to get to know the author as it is his vision that is seen the the book and as a motivational book, it is a large part of understanding the author that would help us understanding his writings too.

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary- David J. Schwartz
The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary- David J. Schwartz

David Joseph Schwartz was born in 1927 on March 23. A famous motivational writer and coach, he is best known for writing the book The Magic Of Thinking Big in 1959. He was a professor of marketing, chairman of the department, and chair of consumer finance at George State University.

Later he founded his consultancy firm that focused on leadership development and called Creative Educational Services Inc. That was how he became a self-help coach and a life strategist.

It was from there that his book had taken its root. His firm focused on leadership development and was called Creative Educational Services. Georgia State University awarded a scholarship in his honor.

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary Of The Chapters

The Magic Of Thinking Big chapters summary has divided the chapters of the book and made individual summaries based on the contents seen there for your ease of access. each summary will give you an easy understanding of the chapters.

So here is The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary of the chapter:

  1. Believe You Can Succeed and You Will: This is the first chapter of The Magic Of Thinking Big and it explains to you or teaches you to emphasize the power of belief. It suggests that if you believe you can do something, you min will seek it out and you will always find a way to make it happen.
  2. Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease: The concept of ‘Excusities’, the author tells in this chapter what it is. Schwartz uses the term “Excuities” to tell us about the habit of making excuses when we cannot achieve something. He suggested that many people when they don’t get what they want often make excuses. This chapter will give you the solution to escaping that mindset, and give you a fresh new perspective.
  3. Build Confidence and Destroy Fear: Overcoming fear and Building Confidence is the main theme of this chapter, this will teach you to face your fears and act decisively in the face of trouble. This will help your mind become confident.
  4. How to Think Big: Think big and focus on the big picture. This chapter suggested that if a worker doesn’t just think about his work, he will think about how he can help the company grow. and it was this type of thinking that makes one likely to rise higher.
  5. How to Think and Dream Creatively: This chapter tells us the importance of creative thinking and dreaming big to achieve success.
  6. You are What You Think You Are: Self-perception to determining success is the theme of this chapter. It suggests how you see yourself and how that significantly influences your achievements.

As we have discussed here, in The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary of each of these chapters helps you cultivate a mindset of thinking big and working towards achieving your dream.

What Is the Most Important Chapter In The Magic Of Thinking Big?

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary gives you a summary of the whole book, but it also presents our thoughts on what this book means, and what is significant about what is in this book.

The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary- The Magic Of Thinking Big
The Magic Of Thinking Big Summary- The Magic Of Thinking Big

We discuss it all, so it is mandatory to discuss if there is a chapter of this book that is the most important.

After reading the book and understanding it, there can’t be any chapters that are greater than the other, so we can say all chapters of The Magic Of Thinking Big are important as each of these chapters helps the other in gaining more.

These are like steps you can’t ignore one and jump to the other or you might take a fall. but there is a difference between perspectives. Depending on the reader’s perspective and their personal development journey, some chapters would be most impactful for some and not that moving for others.

It all varies depending on the person reading it. So Ultimately the most important chapter would be one that addresses the area that you want to improve and develop the most.

We still advise you to read this whole book to understand Schwartz’s philosophy as The Magic Of Thinking Big does have the potential to break into a person’s mind and make him times and times stronger.

In conclusion, we can say The Magic Of Thinking Big summary tells you about what you can gain from this book and how this book will help you in what steps. If you have been enlightened to read this book.

Don’t hesitate and go ahead. there is no reason to be held back and if you like motivational books, be sure to check out our collection right here and find your inspiration!

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