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The Notebook is one of the best romantic novels of the ancient period. It is carrying on its fame and popularity still nowadays so far. Nicholas Charles Sparks nicely described the romance and love of a couple from two different classes in society. The girl belongs to a higher-class family, and the boy has just worked as a laborer in a lumberyard.

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Nicholas Charles Sparks

“The Notebook” Novel Author

The Notebook author is Nicholas Charles Sparks, an American novelist, screenwriter, and philanthropist born on December 31, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. In his career, he has published twenty-one novels and two non-fiction books, and these writings got so much popularity all over the world.

His writings sold over 115 million copies worldwide in more than 50 languages. Among these writings, The Notebook is familiar as one of the world’s most romantic novels.

The Notebook By Nicholas Charles Sparks

The Notebook By Nicholas Charles Sparks

The Notebook is the world’s most popular romantic novel that was published in 1996. The Notebook was also an adapted movie that was adapted from this famous novel in 2004. Mainly, The Notebook was an English novel in the United States.

The publisher of this novel was Warner Books; they published this novel on October 1, 1996. One thing that needs to be added is this novel was Nicholas Charles Sparks’s first writing novel in his writing career and the third was written after The Passing and The Royal Murders.

The Notebook contains 215 pages, and it took over six months in 1994 to write. Park secured $ 1 million advances for the book from the Time Warner Book Group in October 1995. The Notebook was released on The New York Times Best Seller list in its first week and got a hardcover bestseller’s fame for more than a year.

Nicholas Charles Sparks initially tried to express the long romantic love of a couple in this novel.

Plot Summary Of The Notebook Novel

Noah Calhoun is the novel’s opening character, an older man reading to a nursing home woman. He told a story. His town is in New Bern, North Carolina, and he returns home from World War II. After the death of his father, he finishes restoring an antebellum-style house. On the other hand, Allie is 24 years old, and she decides to visit him after watching the house in the newspaper.

They were separated and met after 7 years. Their brief was followed by but passionate summer romance when her family was visiting the town. Allie was the daughter of a wealthy family, and Noah worked as a laborer in a lumberyard.

They become emotional seeing each other after so many days. They have dinner and discuss their lives and past. Allie knows that Noah wrote her letters regularly, but her mother hides those letters from Allie.

Noah and Allie go on a canoe ride in a small lake where swans and geese swim. They two can understand that their feelings for each other have not changed. Allie loves Noah, and she also does not want to hurt Lon, her fiance. So she decides to leave. But Noah wants to stay with her.

Allie realized that the story was about her life, and the man who was telling the story was none other than Noah. Then she asked for her children and expressed love for them. Because afterlife, Allie stayed with Noah. Then Noah comes back to his house, and he has a stroke.

He has been admitted to the same care home, and he visits Allie at night. Allie tells Noah that she loves Noah. Then they kissed and fell asleep next to each other. They believed that their love would take them away together.

Undoubtedly this is the world’s best romantic novel by Nicholas Charles Sparks. You can feel the love in the reading period of this romantic novel. If I can describe this novel nicely in this short article, please don’t forget to add a comment in the following comment box because your comments are always valuable to me. Stay connected with our site if you want to get these types of articles regularly.

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