You Will Learn A Lot From The Psychology Of Money Book For Sure

The Psychology Of Money Summary: Some books change our world’s perception. The Psychology Of Money is one of them. We read many books, but some of the books completely change our thoughts about a specific thing; right after reading the book, our attitude changes.

I have selected a book to review just like that. The book ‘The Psychology Of Money by Morgan Housel‘ can completely change your perception of money.

Though some motivational books will motivate you somehow, we should learn how to improve our living. But Finance is also a big part of our living. The Psychology Of Money is the kind of book that can change your thoughts about the world and money.

After reading this book, you will think about money differently than you used to feel before. Morgan Housel wrote the book. This is one of the books that has created hype last year. People around the world liked the book more than expected.

In this post, you will find what is inside the book, and I will try to take keynotes of the book The Psychology of Money. Audiobook and PDF links will also be given in the following. Life lessons from the book will also be included here.

The Psychology Of Money

The Psychology Of Money Summary & Analysis

In our society, discussing sex and money has become taboo. We do not learn the necessary things about money. Our elders do not feel comfortable talking about money. It is because they do not have much information about it. We learn that money is one of the necessary things to live in this world.

And we need the money more and more. There is no in-depth discussion about this very important topic. That is why our knowledge about money is very limited.

This book explains the definition of money so you can understand. The book tells the importance of money why you should also learn more about it, and how this will benefit you in worldly life.  The book tells us that understanding money is very important and complex because humans create money and are not perfect.

The book tries to explain things understandably.  Our experience with money is not the same. Our money expectations are also different because we do not live in the same financial area. It depends on the circumstances.

Things We Learn From The Book

Many topics in the book explain different things about money. It is essential to read the whole book so as not to miss any important topic. There are many things about money that we have control over, and there are some things about money that we do not have control over.

let me give you some key takeaways from the book The Psychology of Money By Morgan Housel.

Luck and Risk: You must understand that luck and risk play a big role. You have control over many things about money, and there are things that you have no control over, just like the COVID situation. Markets and stocks were shut down for a while.

We have no control over this type of situation. Worrying about things that we do not control over makes our time wasted.

The Concept of Wealth: We know people as rich and some who have wealth. There is a big difference between these two that many of us do not know or understand properly. If you call someone rich, it means he won luxurious things.

Such as expensive smartphones, watches, and so on. A wealthy guy has the money but does not want to show it off with expensive stuff. The author nicely explains this topic in the book.


The Psychology Of Money Audiobook

Suppose you do not want to read the book or have that much time. You can listen to it and finish the whole book one day at a time. Many websites publish audio versions of a book. There is an expensive audiobook version that can be found which has excellent quality.

Still, suppose you do not want to spend money to buy the excellent quality chapter-wise audio version of The Psychology Of Money Audiobook. In that case, you can pick YouTube and get the free audio version of the book. I have just got the free audio version of the book. The length of the video on YouTube is five and a half hours.

That means it will take less than six hours to finish the whole book. This is an intelligent way to get the most of a book in less time. The free version of the audiobook of The Psychology Of Money is also available on YouTube. You can listen to the audio by watching this YouTube video.

My Opinion About The Psychology Of Money

Talking about ratings and reviews, this book got very decent ratings from people worldwide. People say that the two books helped them understand money in a great way. One is Rich Dad and Poor Dad, and another one is The Psychology of Money.

If you are interested in making money and want to know how money works and understand it is a great way, this is one of the books you should read today. This book can easily explain the complexity of money and will clear some myths about money.

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