The Speed Reading Book By Tony Buzan: Book Review

The Speed Reading Book: Read More, Learn More, Achieve More: We have to spend most of the day doing what we actually do not like.  If you are a student like me, you can obviously relate. Even if you are a boxer, you won’t enjoy surely getting hit in the face during the practice session.

It is not always true that you will love what you do, or you have to love what you do.  The famous boxer Mohammad Ali said, ‘I hated every minute of training. However, that’s not our topic today. I am just trying to say that we have to do it even if we do not like to read.

And speed reading can be a game-changer for you if you want to complete things first. But speed reading is not a hard task. We can all do that, right? But what we understood that only matters.

We will focus on speed reading in this article today. I’ve just got to know about a book named The Speed Reading. This book is all about how you can read more in less time and obviously with proper understanding.

If you do not understand deeply what you have read, then speed reading is just a waste of time. So the book will focus on speed reading and how you can understand the topic better.

The Speed Reading Book By Tony Buzan: Book Review

About The Author Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan was born on 2nd June 1942 in the United Kingdom. He was a very talented English author and educational consultant. Tony Buzan completed his undergraduate studies in psychology, English, mathematics, and science at British Columbia. He is very popular for his amazing writings. The techniques that he invented or reinvented from the older authors were too amazing.

Mental literacy, Radiant Thinking, Mind Mapping are some of his techniques inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Joseph D’ Novak. The Speed Reading is one of his best books. Some notable works by the author are: Use Your Head, The Mind Map Book, The Speed Reading, Mind Map Mastery, and so on. He died in a hospital in the United Kingdom in 2019.

The Speed Reading Book By Tony Buzan: Book Review

Inside The Speed Reading Book

This is a revolutionary book on speed reading. This book carries many practical ideas that will help you read way faster than ever before. And obviously, a proper understanding of the book is most important.

We are all able to read books too fast. But the question is, how much do we understand from what we have read so fast.  This book is all about understanding the book better and reading it way faster than ever before.

If you go inside the book, you will see some tests are given for you. You can give the test and judge yourself. There will be some paragraphs given and a fixed time, and you have to write down what you have understood within the time. This makes the book more interesting.

You can know your limits, and you can cross them surely if you want. There are so many methods, and techniques were discussed in the book about speed reading.

When we read a paragraph, we read one by one word. But that’s not necessary all the time. We can also read two words and then three; then, we can just read a sentence or a line with proper understanding. You can do this when you can develop those skills that are given in the book. I can not share all the skills from the book. You have to discover those yourself if you haven’t done them yet.


If you are struggling with slow reading and can not understand the book better, this book is a perfect solution. Even if you do not face any issue reading anything, you can improve your reading skill to the very next level by reading this book properly.

The Speed Reading is a revolutionary book on reading things fast with proper understanding. 93% of Google users have liked this book so far, and the Goodreads rating of this book is 3.6. This book won’t disappoint you and can be exciting cause you learn a new method to read things fast.

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