The Stranger: A Book Of Philosophy, Absurdism, Coupled With Existentialism: Summary, review, and story analysis.

I’m reviewing a fiction book written more than 70 years ago. The name of the book I’m going to review is The Stranger. The Nobel Prize-winning author Albert Camus wrote this book. It is a fiction thriller, philosophical fiction, crime fiction, existential fiction, or a novel. This book is not a self-help book that I usually review.

But this book also has some messages about life, and I found some important things in our lives that have been discussed in the book by the story. Here in the following, I’ll give a short bio of the author so you can easily identify or get an idea about him, and then we will jump inside the book. There will be a conclusion, and I usually provide public ratings of the book.

Albert Camus

About the Author Albert Camus

The author of the book is Albert Camus. He is a Nobel Prize winner in literature. Albert Camus is a French philosopher, journalist, and author.

He got the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957 when he was 44. The author is also the second-youngest recipient to achieve this in world history.

Some of his known works are The Stranger, The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus, The Fall, and The Rebel. On November 7, 1913, he was born in Drean, Algeria, and died at 53 on January 4, 1960, in Villeblevin, France. His quotes are still very famous on the internet, and you can see them often.

The Stranger by Albert Camus

Inside the Book “The Stranger”

The book was written in 1942 by Albert Camus. It was published in the French language under the title L’Étranger. Then it was translated into English. The book has almost 159 pages. So it is not a huge book to complete. There are some characters in the book.

Those characters’ names are Meursault, Salamano, Raymond Sintes, Marie Cardona, and Masson. The story is a bit straightforward. I’ll try to give you an idea about the story from my perspective. Hopefully, you are going to like it.

The main character of the book is Meursault. He is a psychologically detached person from the society and worlds of him. The man does not have much property, not less, just like the middle class.

He kept his mother in the other place but not with him. The story starts with the news of his mother’s death. The man went to the funeral of her mother.

But the strange thing is he was not that sad or in a position where a normal guy can be when his mother is no more. He was emotionally detached from the incident. This incident of her mother’s death does not affect him much. It was like his normal days.

And after that, he led his life; he was swimming with his wife, hanging out with people. And suddenly someone got killed by him. And he gets jail in the case of killing. And finally, he gets the punishment of death ordered by the court.

When he was in jail, he started thinking about his life. This is where the learning period of a reader begins. The man noticed that he always avoided society and the world and was not attached to them; now, the control of his life is in those people’s hands. He started discovering things in a way that he was not ready to do.

Ratings & Reviews From Others

The book is crime fiction, philosophical fiction, existing fiction, or a novel. Whatever you say. While reading the book, you’ll get a taste of French philosophy. Because Albert Camus was a famous French philosopher, let’s see some reviews and ratings of The Stranger.

In Google, the book received almost 400 reviews. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5. And in Goodreads, the book also got nearly 4 ratings out of 5. More than 764K people have rated this book on Goodreads. If you have already read the book, please share the best takeaway or your favorite line from it.

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