Top 5 Best Books Of Paulo Coelho

The books of Paulo Coelho are extraordinary in their concept and fluent in the contexts; it doesn’t matter what concept the book is written based on. A book by Paulo Coelho will dig deep into your heart with the time of reading. Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is world-famous for his novels.

The spirituality, love, and philosophy of his writing have won the readers’ hearts. He is the only living author in the world to have reached the Guinness Book of World Records. Her childhood dream of becoming a writer has brought her to today’s stage.

He has written many life stories. Ishop and Sheikh Saadi greatly influenced the philosophy of his stories and novels. I’ve recently read his book ‘The Alchemist.’ It was one of the best fiction books that I’ve ever read. It was amazing. The storyline and the spiritual aspects, and also the philosophical things, were there.

Then I became a fan of Paulo Coelho. I watched some of his interviews. And realized that he is one of the great writers of our time. So I’ve decided to write an article about his books. In this article, I will write about the best 5 books of Paolo Coelho, including my favorite book of him.

Best 5 Books Of Paulo Coelho You Must Read

I’ve already told you about the writings of Paulo Coelho, so it’s not needed to be told another time. Now we will be giving a short list of 5 best books of Paulo Coelho; that you must read. And, I’ve tried to give short descriptions of all the books so that you can at least have a hint of the books.

You can even download the book’s PDF from our website here. Check The list of 5 best books of Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

I’ve put my favorite book in number one on the list. But that’s not only my personal choice. It is a choice of millions of readers worldwide. Let’s know more about this amazing fiction. It is a world-famous novel written by Paolo Coelho.

This novel can play an important role in changing personal life. Written in Portuguese, the novel has been translated into 70 languages. The novel shows a teenager born in Spain named Santiago walking a long way to find the hidden treasure in his dreams.

With a flock of sheep, he reached Egypt at one stage! After reaching Egypt, he was met by an alchemist. In his long novel, he finds the hidden treasure in the spiritual power inside him. It is a metaphorical novel written by Paolo Coelho, which influences people’s lives directly or indirectly.

The Pilgrimage By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho
The Pilgrimage By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho

The Pilgrimage By Paulo Coelho

Next on Paolo Coelho’s top 5 books is The Pilgrimage. The Alchemist and The Pilgrim are two books that complement each other. To understand The Alchemist very properly, one has to read The Pilgrimage. The novel begins on January 2, 1986, when Paolo Ram (Ragnum Agnus Mundi) fails to initiate.

To regain his lost honor and status, he must follow in ordinary people’s footsteps to recognize himself anew. Must be a pilgrim on the way to Santiago. Petraeus was Paolo’s companion on the way to Santiago. Petraeus taught him a different side of life, a new way to find yourself through RAM’s various practices.

Paolo has to prove himself anew at every moment.

Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho
Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes is next on Paolo Coelho’s top 5 books list. This is another famous novel written by Paolo Coelho. The novel was first published in 2003. The novel’s main story is about a young Brazilian prostitute named Maria. Maria begins to think she will never find true love when separated from the man of her dreams.

Instead, she begins to believe that love is a terrible thing that hurts her. At one point in the novel, Maria moved to Geneva. There he dreams of fame and fortune change. But everyone’s life is happy. Can everyone reach their state of happiness? What anyone can say is happy in his own life at last.

What can a girl do to break and build their dreams again and again? When you hear the word sex, a shiver goes through your body. But the word also sometimes feels like a pain to many. How many have thought about the mind, and what is behind the body of prostitutes?

Nobody thinks! Because they do not have the minds to spread the body. The body will give, and the money will take. Is it true that prostitutes are not human beings; they do not deserve to be loved? Or they have lost their minds because they are in this profession. Paolo Coelho seems to want to talk to them.

Brida By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho
Brida By Paulo Coelho- Books Of Paulo Coelho

Brida By Paulo Coelho

Brida is next on the list of Paolo Coelho’s top 5 books. This is another world-renowned novel written by Paolo Coelho. Translated into different world languages, this book has gained a reputation among the readers like other books. If you want to feel the depth of life, you need to read the book at least once.

In the novel, Brida is an Irish girl. The story is arranged with the story of his knowledge acquisition. The pull towards Bridal magic was deep. At one point, he meets Magus, an expert in witchcraft. Magus lives in the jungle. He continues to give Bride the idea of ​​meditation in the spiritual world.

He tries to convince Brida that he has divine power inside. At one point, Brida became deeply involved in the mysteries of life. He taught Brida to believe in the light of the world by overcoming fear. Also, in the novel, the bride expresses her emotions and love at different times.

The Spy By Paulo Coelho-Books Of Paulo Coelho
The Spy By Paulo Coelho-Books Of Paulo Coelho

The Spy By Paulo Coelho

The Spy is next on the top 5 books of Paulo Coelho. This is another recent autobiographical novel by Paolo Coelho. However, the background of this novel is taken during the First World War. At the beginning of the novel, Mother Harry arrives in Paris in poverty, but she becomes one of the most talked-about women within a few months.

Her dance style, sexuality, and body display quickly gained popularity. Her beauty captivated the hearts of the influential people of society. She pretended to be a princess of Java. Her presentation on the dance stage was the main tool to attract the audience.

But this lavish life of his became the cause of everyone’s suspicion. He was charged with espionage during World War II. She was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Many more well-known writings of Paulo Coelho are available in the bookshop and on the internet. But one of the amazing books I’ve read is ‘ The Alchemist.’

If you haven’t read that yet, you really should.

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