Beneath the Sugar Sky By Seanan McGuire

Beneath the Sugar Sky By Seanan McGuire book PDF free download from our website here. “Beneath the Sugar Sky” is the third book in Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series. Set at Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children, this standalone contemporary fantasy caters to fans of all ages. The school reintroduces children who have experienced fantasy adventures to the “real” world.

When Rini unexpectedly arrives, she discovers her mother, Sumi, died years before Rini was even conceived. Determined to save her mother, Rini embarks on a quest that defies reality. In a world without magic, time is running out, and Rini must navigate quests, friendship, and derring-do to rewrite her existence.

Beneath the Sugar Sky By Seanan McGuire Book Info:

  • Publisher:
  • Published: January 9, 2018
  • ISBN: 9780765393586
  • Pages: 138
  • Size: 7.99

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