Birthday Girl By Penelope Douglas

Birthday Girl By Penelope Douglas pdf book download from here for free. “Birthday Girl” is a unique romance novel penned by Penelope Douglas. The plot revolves around two characters, Jordan and Pike. When Jordan finds herself without a place to stay, Pike steps in, thinking he’s merely lending a helping hand. Initially, Jordan was expected to help with some cooking and cleaning, but as time progresses, their arrangement becomes increasingly complicated.

Pike finds himself irresistibly attracted to Jordan, but they can’t freely express their feelings. With a significant age gap of nineteen years and the fact that Pike is the father of Jordan’s boyfriend, their situation is far from simple, especially since they’ve just moved into his house.

Birthday Girl By Penelope Douglas Book Info:

  • Publisher: Penelope Douglas LLC
  • Published: April 17, 2018
  • Pages: 358
  • Size: 1.85

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