Cat's Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut

Cat’s Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut free pdf book download from here. “Cat’s Cradle” is a postmodern novel filled with satire, penned by Kurt Vonnegut and published in 1963. The fourth novel by Vonnegut, it delves into and mocks themes of science, technology, religion, and the arms race, often employing a tone of dark humor.

The narrative unfolds through the eyes of a professional writer named John, also referred to as Jonah, who recounts the story as a flashback. The plot centers around the period when he intended to write a book about the activities of people on the day Hiroshima was bombed. Throughout the novel, he intersperses significant and sarcastic excerpts from a peculiar religious scripture known as The Books of Bokonon.

Cat’s Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut Book Info:

  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Published: January 1, 1999
  • ISBN: 9780140285604
  • Pages: 262
  • Size: 0.8

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