Crooked Hallelujah By Kelli Jo Ford

Crooked Hallelujah By Kelli Jo Ford free PDF book download from here. “Kelli Jo Ford’s debut novel, ‘Crooked Hallelujah’, tells the story of four generations of Cherokee women. The tale begins in 1974 in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma with a young girl named Justine, who is raised in a family of resilient, intricate, and devoted women, led by her mother, Lula, and Granny. After Justine’s father abandons them, Lula becomes a fervent member of the Holiness Church, a community that Justine sometimes finds stifling and intimidating.

Despite this, Justine tries to be a good daughter until a violent incident changes her life forever. The book follows Justine and her daughter, Reney, as they leave Eastern Oklahoma’s Indian Country in search of a more secure life in Texas during the 1980s oil bust. However, life in Texas is tough, and Reney feels disconnected from her family back in Indian Country. Amidst the larger forces of history, religion, class, and culture, the book portrays the sacrifices this family of proud, stubborn, Cherokee women make for the ones they love.”


Crooked Hallelujah By Kelli Jo Ford Book Info:

  • Publisher: Grove Press
  • Published: July 14, 2020
  • ISBN: 9780802149121
  • Pages: 175
  • Size: 2.24

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