Dark Horses By Susan Mihalic

Dark Horses By Susan Mihalic pdf book download from here free. “Dark Horses” is a compelling first novel by Susan Mihalic. The narrative revolves around Roan Montgomery, a fifteen-year-old prodigy in equestrian sports. Roan’s world is divided into two parts: the riding arena and everything outside of it.

Her life is controlled by her father, who demands absolute obedience in all aspects of her life. The power dynamics of a coach and rider extend far beyond the stables, and Roan’s relationship with her father has crossed boundaries. Despite this, she manages to compartmentalize this dark side of her life, focusing on her ambitions as an Olympic hopeful rider.

Dark Horses By Susan Mihalic Book Info:

  • Publisher: Gallery/Scout Press
  • Published: February 16, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781982133849
  • Pages: 329
  • Size: 3.43

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