Dating Dr. Dil By Nisha Sharma

Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma is an amusing romantic comedy that draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.” In this enemies-to-lovers tale, Kareena Mann dreams of a love story like her parents, but she prefers restoring classic cars to swiping right on dating apps. When her father offers her the family home in exchange for getting engaged within four months, Kareena’s search for her soulmate takes an unexpected turn.

Despite their conflicting views on love matches and arranged marriages, spending time together makes them question their feelings. As hate turns into fate, they must admit that destiny has other plans for them.

Dating Dr. Dil By Nisha Sharma Book Info:

  • Publisher: Avon
  • Published: March 15, 2022
  • ISBN: 9780063001107
  • Pages: 287
  • Size: 1.61

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