Here and Now and Then By Mike Chen

Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen is a captivating science fiction fantasy novel that explores the complexities of time travel and family bonds. Kin Stewart, an everyday family man working in IT, has a secret—he’s a time-traveling secret agent from the year 2142. Stranded in suburban San Francisco since the 1990s, he keeps his past hidden, despite memory loss and blackouts. When his “rescue” team arrives eighteen years too late,

Kin faces a dilemma: return to 2142, where another family awaits, or stay connected to his current life. As he grapples with two identities, he risks everything to save his teenage daughter, Miranda.

Here and Now and Then By Mike Chen Book Info:

  • Publisher: MIRA
  • Published: January 29, 2019
  • ISBN: 9780778369042
  • Pages: 234
  • Size: 2.23

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