Ordinary Men By Christopher R. Browning

Ordinary Men By Christopher R. Browning free pdf download. Ordinary Men is a chilling exploration of how average individuals can become participants in horrific acts. The book focuses on Reserve Police Battalion 101, a group of ordinary German men who were responsible for the mass murder of Jews during the Holocaust.

Browning uses over 125 testimonies from these policemen to demonstrate how societal pressures, obedience to authority, adaptation to roles, and the alteration of moral norms can lead individuals to commit unthinkable acts. The book serves as a powerful reminder of the dangerous potential of group dynamics.

Ordinary Men By Christopher R. Browning Book Info:

  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • Published: February 5, 1993
  • ISBN: 9780060995065
  • Pages: 283
  • Size: 14.4

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