Queen of Air and Darkness By Cassandra Clare

Queen of Air and Darkness By Cassandra Clare free pdf download. Queen of Air and Darkness is the final installment, which takes place in 2012 with the characters of the LA Institute. In the aftermath of the heartbreaking events in “Lord of Shadows”, the Shadowhunters are grieving for Robert Lightwood and Livvy Blackthorn.

Meanwhile, The Cohort, a group with a fascist agenda aiming to discredit and eradicate Downworlders, is gradually taking control of the Clave. Julian Blackthorn confides in Magnus Bane about the transformation of his parabatai bond with Emma Carstairs due to their romantic feelings.

At the funeral, Emma has a conversation with her distant cousin, Jem, who enlightens her about Kit Herondale’s fey lineage and a warlock disease supposedly linked to ley lines. The narrative delves into the characters’ navigation through these trials and their complex relationships. The book was first released on December 4, 2018.

Queen of Air and Darkness By Cassandra Clare Book Info:

  • Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
  • Published: December 4, 2018
  • ISBN: 1442468432
  • Pages: 666
  • Size: 3.75

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