Sentenced to Life By Clive James

Sentenced to Life By Clive James free pdf download. Sentenced to Life is a deeply moving anthology of poems by Clive James. Composed between 2011 and 2014, these verses offer a candid reflection on his life, devoid of self-pity. The collection was conceived after James was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2010.

While the poems grapple with themes of mortality and sickness, they also commemorate life’s unforgettable moments. Most of the poems contemplate his impending death, yet they are designed to be profound verses rather than self-indulgent musings. The book was first available to readers on April 18, 2015.

Sentenced to Life By Clive James Book Info:

  • Publisher: Liveright
  • Published: January 11, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781631491726
  • Pages: 74
  • Size: 0.6

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