Shakespeare for Squirrels By Christopher Moore

Shakespeare for Squirrels By Christopher Moore free pdf download. Shakespeare for Squirrels weaves a tale that combines elements of Shakespearean drama with a mystery reminiscent of Dashiell Hammett. The protagonist, Pocket, accompanied by his sidekick Drool and pet monkey Jeff, finds himself in Greece after being abandoned by his pirate crew.

He aims to win the Duke’s favor with his comedic skills, but instead gets entangled in a dispute involving the Duke’s minister Egeus and his daughter Hermia. The Duke’s order for Hermia to marry Lysander or face dire consequences sets the plot in motion. Pocket’s audacity lands him a death sentence, but he escapes to the realm of fairy king Oberon.

Oberon proposes a deal: Pocket’s life will be spared if he can solve the murder of Oberon’s jester, Robin Goodfellow. The narrative is a riveting blend of love, magic, insanity, and homicide.

Shakespeare for Squirrels By Christopher Moore Book Info:

  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • Published: May 12, 2020
  • ISBN: 9780062434029
  • Pages: 225
  • Size: 2.68

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