The Best Friend Zone By Nicole Snow

The Best Friend Zone by Nicole Snow is an intense, heartwarming, and funny standalone romance novel where friends-to-lover insanity becomes fate for two stubborn hearts. Quinn Faulkner, an ex-FBI agent turned private investigator, is a magnet for trouble. When he collides with his childhood best friend, sparks fly. Years ago, Quinn saved her life, but now they’re safely platonic. Until a Ferris wheel incident changes everything.

The tension between them becomes thick enough to chew. Quinn kisses her like there’s no tomorrow. Truly. Madly. All in. But will shattering the best friend zone leave them whole or heartbroken? With a scheming granny, a tribe of goats, and one big dog, their journey from friends to lovers is filled with laughter, tears, and smiles.

The Best Friend Zone By Nicole Snow Book Info:

  • Publisher: Ice Lips Press
  • Published: September 2, 2020
  • Pages: 355
  • Size: 1.52

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