The Electric State By Simon Stålenhag

The Electric State By Simon Stålenhag book pdf download free from our site. “The Electric State” is a dystopian sci-fi illustrated novel by Simon Stålenhag that was published in 2018. The book depicts an alternate version of 1997, where a teenage girl and her toy robot traverse through a technologically devastated Southwestern United States.

The story unfolds in a world littered with the remnants of massive battle drones, piled up with the discarded waste of a high-tech consumer society in decline. As their car nears the continent’s edge, the world outside the window seems to disintegrate at an increasingly rapid pace.

The Electric State By Simon Stålenhag Book Info:

  • Publisher: Free League
  • Published: December 1, 2017
  • ISBN: 9789187222672
  • Pages: 73
  • Size: 4.76

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