The Fell of Dark By Caleb Roehrig

The Fell of Dark By Caleb Roehrig free pdf download. The Fell of Dark is a young adult novel that introduces readers to August ‘Auggie’ Pfeiffer, a resident of Fulton Heights, a town known for its vampire population and situated at the crossroads of mystical energy fields. Auggie’s life takes an unexpected turn when a cryptic warning is delivered by a mysterious and alluring vampire boy.

Auggie suddenly finds himself in the midst of a supernatural drama as an ancient and formidable power is on the verge of returning to the earthly realm, and he appears to be the only one capable of preventing it. The book, a fusion of fantasy, young adult, LGBTQ+, vampires, paranormal, and queer romance genres, offers a riveting exploration of the trials of living in a town populated by vampires.”

The Fell of Dark By Caleb Roehrig Book Info:

  • Publisher:  Feiwel & Friends
  • Published: July 14, 2020
  • ISBN: 9781250155849
  • Pages: 292
  • Size: 3.22

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