The Girl in the Letter By Emily Gunnis

The Girl in the Letter By Emily Gunnis free pdf download. The Girl in the Letter is a riveting narrative that spans two eras. In 1956, Ivy Jenkins, an expectant single woman, is sent to St Margaret’s, a dreary institution for unwed mothers. Her child is taken away for adoption, and Ivy is left confined within the institution. In the present day, journalist Samantha Harper, eager for a big story, discovers a letter from the past.

The letter, penned by a desperate young mother seeking rescue from St Margaret’s, deeply affects Sam. As she investigates further, she uncovers a string of mysterious deaths tied to the woman and her child. With St Margaret’s due for demolition, Sam is in a race against time to solve a mystery that spans over six decades before the truth is buried forever.

The Girl in the Letter By Emily Gunnis Book Info:

  • Publisher: Review
  • Published: August 1, 2018
  • Pages: 285
  • Size: 1.64

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