The Heart's Charge By Karen Witemeyer

The Heart’s Charge By Karen Witemeyer book PDF download free from our website here. It is the second book in the Hanger’s Horsemen series, which follows a group of former cavalry officers who fight for justice in late 1800s Texas. The book features two parallel love stories between Mark Wallace and Katherine Palmer,

and Jonah Brooks and Eliza Southerland, who run a foundling home for outcast children. The book has received positive reviews from readers and critics, who praised the author’s humor, faith, and action-packed plot.

The Heart’s Charge By Karen Witemeyer Book Info:

  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
  • Published: June 1, 2021
  • ISBN: 9780764232084
  • Pages: 299
  • Size: 8.71

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