The Mood Cure By Julia Ross

The Mood Cure By Julia Ross free pdf book download from here. “Julia Ross’s ‘The Mood Cure’ is a guide that presents a natural way to enhance your mood. Leveraging her three decades of expertise in nutritional psychology, Ross introduces groundbreaking strategies to combat depression, anxiety, stress, irritability, and other negative emotional states.

The book outlines a comprehensive plan that includes four mood-enhancing amino acids, a diet filled with mood-boosting foods like protein, healthy fats, and certain key vegetables. This plan aims to alleviate depression, reduce anxiety and stress, soothe hypersensitivity, curb emotional eating, and help overcome addictions.

The Mood Cure By Julia Ross Book Info:

  • Publisher: Fisicalbook
  • Published: January 1, 2004
  • ISBN: 9780142003640
  • Pages: 423
  • Size: 2.41

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