The Paris Affair By Pip Drysdale

The Paris Affair by Pip Drysdale is a thrilling novel set in the enchanting city of Paris. Meet Harper Brown, an arts journalist with dreams of becoming a hard-hitting news reporter. She navigates the streets of Paris, fueled by her love for true crime podcasts, art galleries, coffee, and whiskey. Harper despises fake people and toxic positivity, and her favorite book is 1984.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when she investigates a murder, leading her into a dangerously devastating love affair. As she unravels the mystery, she must stay one step ahead of the killer. Pip Drysdale’s storytelling keeps readers on the edge, eager to uncover the truth in the City of Light.

The Paris Affair By Pip Drysdale Book Info:

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia
  • Published: February 3, 2021
  • ISBN: 9781760854331
  • Pages: 290
  • Size: 1.55

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