The Royal Ranger By John Flanagan

Download free pdf of The Royal Ranger By John Flanagan. This is a captivating tale set in the kingdom of Araluen. Princess Madelyn, known as Maddie, defies convention by becoming the first female King’s Ranger. Despite her privileged upbringing, Maddie craves adventure beyond her princess duties. Legendary King’s Ranger Will Treaty, haunted by personal tragedy, reluctantly takes Maddie under his wing. Together, they navigate danger, discipline, and loyalty, forging an unlikely partnership. This novel weaves suspense, honor, and the pursuit of justice into a thrilling narrative.

The Royal Ranger By John Flanagan Book Info:

  • Publisher: Puffin Books
  • Published: November 5, 2013
  • ISBN: 1101638613
  • Pages: 364
  • Size: 5.24

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