The Second Sex By Simone de Beauvoir

The Second Sex By Simone de Beauvoir free PDF book download from our site. Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” is a pivotal text in feminist philosophy, first published in 1949. It offers an in-depth exploration of the systemic oppression of women, tracing the historical and societal constructs that have led to their marginalization.

Beauvoir posits that men subjugate women by labeling them as the “Other,” thereby denying them their full humanity. The book is divided into two parts: “Facts and Myths,” and “Lived Experience,” providing a comprehensive analysis of various aspects related to women’s existence. Recognized as the catalyst for second-wave feminism, “The Second Sex” has been translated into numerous languages and remains a vital resource in gender and feminist studies.

The Second Sex By Simone de Beauvoir Book Info:

  • Publisher: Vintage
  • Published: December 17, 1989
  • ISBN: 9780679724513
  • Pages: 701
  • Size: 11.5

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