The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist

The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist free PDF book download from here. “The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life” is a thought-provoking book by Lynne Twist, unveiled to the world on March 14, 2017. The book probes into our relationship with money, its utilization, and how we can align it with our fundamental human values to bring about a transformation in our lives.

Lynne Twist, a global activist and fundraiser, shares her personal experiences and practical wisdom, illustrating how we can replace feelings of scarcity, guilt, and burden with experiences of sufficiency, freedom, and purpose. The book also examines the impact of the Great Recession and environmental concerns on our monetary needs and goals.

The Soul of Money By Lynne Twist Book Info:

  • Publisher: W. W. Norton Company
  • Published: September 1, 2003
  • ISBN: 9780393050974
  • Pages: 262
  • Size: 1.02

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