The Woman with the Blue Star By Pam Jenoff

The Woman with the Blue Star by Pam Jenoff is a gripping historical novel set during World War II. The story unfolds in 1942 in the Kraków Ghetto, where eighteen-year-old Sadie Gault resides with her parents. When the Nazis liquidate the ghetto, Sadie and her pregnant mother seek refuge in the perilous tunnels beneath the city. One day, Sadie looks up through a grate and sees a girl about her age buying flowers. This girl is Ella Stepanek, an affluent Polish girl living a relatively comfortable life.

Ella catches a glimpse of something moving beneath a street grate and discovers Sadie hiding. Despite the dangers of war, Ella begins to aid Sadie. As their lives intersect, their friendship grows, but the challenges they face are overwhelming.

The Woman with the Blue Star By Pam Jenoff Book Info:

  • Publisher: Park Row
  • Published: May 4, 2021
  • ISBN: 9780778389385
  • Pages: 266
  • Size: 2.34

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