Unsolved By James Patterson

Unsolved By James Patterson book pdf download from here for free. “Unsolved” is a captivating novel from the Invisible series, penned by James Patterson and David Ellis. The narrative centers around Emmy Dockery, an FBI agent with a knack for spotting patterns that others often overlook, leading to a remarkable record of apprehensions.

In this sequel, Emmy is confronted with a perplexing case that spans the nation. The victims seem to have perished accidentally and appear unrelated. Despite this, Emmy is convinced that the frequency of these fatalities is more than mere coincidence and that a cunning murderer is always one step ahead.

Unsolved By James Patterson Book Info:

  • Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
  • Published: June 3, 2019
  • ISBN: 9780316419840
  • Pages: 283
  • Size: 1.39

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