Until Talon By Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Talon by Aurora Rose Reynolds is an excellent romance novel that weaves together love, resilience, and the promise of redemption. When Mia Allenton’s sister reaches out for help after discovering her husband’s infidelity, Mia leaves her life in Montana behind and relocates to Tennessee to support her sister and her three daughters.

As Mia settles into her new surroundings, a tornado sweeps through, bringing with it Talon Mayson—a man determined to prove that good men exist. Despite the challenges, Talon sets out to earn Mia’s trust, and slowly but surely, her walls begin to crumble. Together, they build something beautiful.

Until Talon By Aurora Rose Reynolds Book Info:

  • Publisher: Aurora Rose Reynolds
  • Published: August 4, 2020
  • ISBN: 9781733669160
  • Pages: 195
  • Size: 1.12

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