Vesper Flights By Helen Macdonald

Vesper Flights By Helen Macdonald free pdf book download from here. “Vesper Flights” by Helen Macdonald is a captivating compilation of her most treasured essays, complemented by new pieces on a diverse range of subjects. These span from the longing for a vanishing rural landscape to the intricacies of ostrich farming, and even her personal evening rituals as she attempts to drift off to sleep.

Macdonald welcomes readers into her deeply personal experiences, such as witnessing the grand migration of songbirds from atop the Empire State Building, observing tens of thousands of cranes in Hungary, and searching for the last golden orioles in the poplar forests of Suffolk.

Vesper Flights By Helen Macdonald Book Info:

  • Publisher: Grove Press
  • Published: August 25, 2020
  • ISBN: 9780802128812
  • Pages: 219
  • Size: 3.59

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