Winning By Jack Welch

Winning By Jack Welch free pdf book download from here. “Winning” is a book on business and management, co-written by Jack Welch and his wife Suzy Welch. It first hit the shelves on April 5, 2005. The book serves as a comprehensive guide to management, addressing the strategic, organizational, and personal challenges that individuals encounter at various stages of their careers.

The book is organized into several chapters, each focusing on key principles that contributed to Welch’s success. These chapters include topics like “How to Get Promoted”, “How to Think about Strategy”, “How to Write a Budget that Works”, “How to Work for a Jerk”, “How Find Work-Life Balance”, and “How Start Something New”.

Winning By Jack Welch Book Info:

  • Publisher: Harper Business
  • Published: April 1, 2005
  • ISBN: 9780060753948
  • Pages: 385
  • Size: 9.10

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