Writing Better Lyrics By Pat Pattison

Writing Better Lyrics By Pat Pattison free pdf book download from here. “Writing Better Lyrics” is a comprehensive guide penned by Pat Pattison, a distinguished songwriter and professor at Berklee College of Music. This book, which has been a go-to resource for songwriters for nearly two decades, offers effective strategies for everything from idea generation, to understanding the structure and function of a song, to refining lyrics.

The book provides a thorough understanding of the basics as well as more advanced techniques. Songwriters will learn how to use sense-bound imagery to amplify a song’s emotional resonance with listeners, techniques to avoid clichés and create imaginative metaphors and similes, strategies to use repetition to their advantage, guidance for aligning lyrics with music, methods to expand on ideas and generate compelling titles, and tips for collaborating with a co-writer.

Writing Better Lyrics By Pat Pattison Book Info:

  • Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
  • Published: July 15, 2001
  • ISBN: 9781582970646
  • Pages: 331
  • Size: 1.86

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