Dadaism Characteristics In Literature

Dadaism characteristics are more often misunderstood and misinterpreted at this time. But, if we look back at the history of Dadaism and how this artistic-literary movement was formed and why; then we will be able to understand the basics and the characteristics of Dadaism.

Here in this article; we will be discussing Dadaism characteristics and we will also discuss the influences of Dadaism in literature. So; to know more keep reading this article fully.

What Is Dadaism?

Dadaism is an art and literary movement that was formed by Avant-garde artists and writers from Germany And France who met in Zurich; Switzerland in, 1916. The activeness of the movement lasted for 4-years till the mid-1920s. The point of Dadaism was to move the point of view of literature and art; to create or think something outside the box.

Dadaism Characteristics
Dadaism Characteristics- What Is Dadaism

Dadaism is often characterized as “anti-art” due to its rejection of the status quo in the art world. It emphasized the illogical, irrational, and absurd, often utilizing collage, montage, and assemblage of disparate elements to create art

Dadaism Characteristics In a Summary

Dadaism’s characteristics are vivid and resourceful, but they are cleverly concentrated and composed in such a way that makes it more like a mockery of the traditional form of literature. Dadaism, an artistic and literary movement that began in the early twentieth century, is known for its emphasis on the illogical, irrational, and absurd. Here are some key Dadaism characteristics:

Dadaism Characteristics
Dadaism Characteristics
  • Rejection of Conventional Art: Dadaism mocked and antagonized the conventions of art itself. It rejected any norms of the artistic world at the time.
  • Emphasis on the Absurd: Artists of the Dada movement created conceptual art that emphasized the absurd. They used ways of expression full of satire and irony and used gestures to incite provocation.
  • Use of Collage and Montage: Dadaist artists often utilized collage, montage, and assemblage of disparate elements to create their art.
  • Political Nature: The movement is explicitly political, representing extreme leftist views, primarily anarchism.
  • Influence on Other Movements: The new ways of thinking and creating promoted by Dadaism influenced Surrealism and countless other conceptual art movements like Fluxus and Pop Art.

Dadaism emerged as a protest against the conventions of the time and was characterized by an attitude of mockery and humor. It originated during the cultural and social upheaval following the First World War. The unprecedented war ravaged the continent and almost wiped out an entire generation of men.

This led to anger and disillusionment amongst many onlookers, including artists who turned to Dada — a style that rejects any reason

Dadaism In Literature

Dadaism in literature is more like a playful composition of a child who is talking and mocking the tradition of literature. Unlike other literary movements; Dadaism is not just taking a step away from tradition but also moving everything at an anti-clock speed.

Sometimes taking things from the past and taking them to another dimension; makes things more conceptual than contextual. Dadaism in literature is distinct from other literary movements in several ways:

Protest Against Aesthetic Canons: Unlike other movements that may adhere to certain aesthetic standards, Dadaism arose as a form of protest against the aesthetic canons that predominated at the time.

Randomness and Anti-Art: Dadaism is characterized by randomness and is often referred to as anti-art. The authors placed each of the words randomly, making it difficult for the reader to find logic in the text. This is a stark contrast to other movements that often seek to create a coherent and meaningful narrative.

Rejection of Established Forms: Dadaism rejected the established forms in literature, which came from bourgeois culture. This is in contrast to many other literary movements that built upon or refined existing forms.

Innovative Techniques: Dadaist writers developed creative techniques like writing poems with words obtained from clippings of written media such as newspapers and magazines added randomly. This experimental approach sets Dadaism apart from other literary movements that may follow more traditional writing techniques.

Focus on the Absurd: Dadaism emphasized the absurd, irrational, and nonsensical, which is not typically the focus of other literary movements.

It’s important to note that while Dadaism was a particularly art-dominated movement, it also encouraged writers to explore new genres and think outside the box. This focus on challenging traditional art and societal issues sets it apart from other literary movements.

So, this was Dadaism in literature; and I’ve also discussed the Dadaism characteristics. If you are a person who wants to know more about Dadaism characteristics; I’ve tried to simplify all the myths of Dadaism characteristics. Be sure to check out more of our collection of Books right now!

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