Difference Between Story And Novel

Difference between story and novel is simple; a novel is a long story that is deliberated into different plots and a story is just written in a single form. A novel can hold a lot of stories inside it; while a story holds only a single perspective’s story at a time. Throughout this article, we will learn the difference between story and novel.

we will learn what a story is and we can learn what a novel is and we will discuss it in detail. Novels and stories both are the most important aspects of literature. Almost all the literature’s modernization started from stories and later improvised into novels.

What is a Story?

To know and learn the difference between story and novel we first need to know what a story is. Well, a story can be an imaginary or a real account of events that is told for literary resemblance and entertainment. Stories can be written, and told in many different ways,

in different themes, and different languages. Almost all the language’s literature has the theme of storytelling in it. Different stories contain different materials and thus different material of stories creates a different space in literature.

What is a Novel?

A novel is a deliberation of stories divided into different plots that are narrated into extended lengths. Novels can be fiction or non-fiction sometimes too. A novel holds a lot of stories flowing through different plots throughout the whole novel.

Novels are one of the greatest inventions of human literature. The formation of a novel can be tough to understand depending on the style it’s written and a novel can be a simple prose that you can read easily if it’s written in casual language style.

Difference Between Story and Novel

Here we will be discussing the difference between story and novel in detail. Depending on different aspects of novels and stories. In the upper area of this article, we have already learned what is a novel and what is a story. Now it’s time to tear down the difference between sorry and novel.

Length Of The Literature: The main difference between a story and a novel is its length. Stories are far smaller than a novel.  We can say a novel is 50 times larger than a story. And at word counts; a story can be within 14,00-10,000 words. But,

the length of a novel starts from at least 50,000 words and can be extended to any count depending on the theme of the novel and the author. Stories that act like novels but, are not quite a novel more like bigger stories, and word counts between 30,000 to 45,000 words are called novellas. Or, a Long story short novel.

Character Developments And Plot Deliberation Of Literature: A novel is made of several plots and the plots can be arranged in any order. The plot of a novel is a part-story inside a novel. A novel can continue its flow with several stories at a time, but a story can hold only one complete story flowing of a singular event.

Novels come with a lot of characters and a whole summary of their personality and life reflected throughout different plots.

Structure Of The Literature: The difference between story and novel lies in structure. A novel often includes multiple major characters, subplots, conflicts, different points of view, and twists.  Stories meanwhile explore a theme or situation in a simply short way.

Timeframe Of The Literature: Novels are typically longer than stories because they need more development in different aspects. Some experts say that a novel should have a minimum of 100 to 120 pages, and some suggest; it should be upward of 50,000 words.

But usually believed,  a novel should take multiple days or weeks to read. When it comes to short stories, Edgar Allan Poe says,” They should have between 100 and 30,000 words, or take somewhere between half an hour to three hours to read.”

Purpose and Audience Of The Literature: Difference between story and novel lines in purpose and audiences too. Novels are meant to be read over days and are dedicated to narrating the individual experiences of characters, creating a closer, more complex portrait of these characters and the world they live in.

Stories focus on only the events; something happens and needs to be resolved within a short time. On the other hand, in a novel, there can be a stronger focus on developing the lead characters more intensely.

So, these are the main difference between story and novel. Hope you have found your answers when reading this article. If you are still confused; you can read short stories or novels on our website here too.

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