How to Become a Published Author Best 6 Steps

How to become a published author? Being an author means writing something, which may be a book, a blog, or anything that would entail your writing in detail of something. in any case, becoming a published author needs to do a lot, one can’t be comfortable if one wants to write something worth publishing.

Taking things into consideration, we first should talk about just what a published author is, a published author is someone whose works have been published and are available to read to the general public, be that with a hard copy book or released through the electronic media.

What is An Author?

An author is a person who creates literary works through his own thought process, it can be, novels, essays, poetry, articles, or even a play. what distinguishes authors from, copywriters, journalists, playwrights, biographers, and academics is that what they write is born from their own thought process, it accumulates into what we call literature.

What does an Author want?

An author writes and makes his own creations to fantasize about the others around him, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach a point where an author can influence readers, to the point that he can even make a person do what he would want, every time a writer or an author writes,

that would probably be his main goal, and that is what makes authors work the most outstanding to the masses. It can be said that to a published author this point is like an eternal truth. At the end of the day, a published author would be that much more popular as many as the lives he has influenced. Some of the most world-renowned authors like,

Leo Tolstoy, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and William Shakespeare are people who have shown just how influential a writer can be, and not just that, they left such a big print in the literary world and even the world as a whole, one can say to a published author that would be what is the peak of what he wants or should have.

How to Become a Published Author

There are many many aspects to what you would have to look into before actually becoming a published author, what we discussed above is actually just the tip of the iceberg. So not wasting any more time, let’s jump to the main point.

How to Become a Published Author
How to Become a Published Author

Educate Yourself To Become A Published Author

Not just anyone can go ahead and start writing as they want, to charm the audiences, to reach the pinnacle of the literary world would be a dream that would only be left alone as a dream for many. As that is the case, what you should do to let that dream come true, is not just write without a thought.

What you need the most is to educate yourself, it would be:

To learn the craft of writing, you have to start from the fundamentals, give yourself some time on the subject, and learn in-depth about what writing is, and what it entails, you have to understand that.

Writing as a craft is a long process to cultivate yourself and your literary mind, starting from reading books, literature, and things that might interest you or rediscovering your interests, you have to read just that much, or else you won’t be able to start as a writer.

This is one of the most essential processes to baptizing your mind to learn the craft of writing. What comes after that is, Writing yourself, understanding that you have to begin at least somewhere, why not start a blog, read a book that could help you, like “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley.

You can even enroll in a writing course, and write some journals. Finally, get some honest critics to help you understand your faults.

Develop The Skills Of A Published Author

Writing something compelling and marketable would be the first thing you have to consider when being a published author. It would take some time but learning the trends of what’s currently in hype would give you a lot of ideas to work with, after that diligent writing and feedback from a trusty editor can help you a lot.

Though there are some things like knowing a lot of words and knowing how interestingly you can portray the writing, would also play a large part in making you a published author.

Develop Your Writing Skills To Become A Published Author

Developing your writing skills would need you to work hard, but you can’t work hard without a proper way to work out, so let’s discuss how you can become a published author. especially when you still need to develop your writing skills.

The first thing you should look into is what your writing concept is, if the message is complex make an outline, try to keep it easy to understand, and don’t make it too complex, also you should anticipate your reader’s questions. start writing short pieces, this would let you develop a much larger variety of collections from your writings.

Be sure to eliminate any filler words, until you know how you should use some prepositional phrases it would be better for you to avoid using too much of it.

So if you are thinking about How to become a published author, as a beginner the pieces of advice here should be enough for you to get into the topic, be sure to research and find out more on your own too.

How To Become A Published Author: 6 Essential Steps On Your Journey

How to become a published author? we have already talked about educating yourself, developing your skills, writing for your gain, etc… there are still many things to consider when you want to become a published author.

Step 1:

Establishing a routine for developing writing practices is something very important too. When you write a lot, you also have to reach out to people for feedback, so networking is also essential, connect with your peer writers, the would also think about how to become a published writer, having an in-depth discussion with them would make your growth speed skyrocket.

Step 2:

You have to start finding publishers, broadening your network of people would let you find publishers too, think about meeting agents at conferences, at this point, you would be easily able to understand what you need to do the most, all the things we have discussed above would be your strength.

Step 3:

Revise your work, How to become a published author? revising your work is mandatory to becoming a published author, listening to feedback from your readers, talking to your agent, and being more thorough on how to revise, after all That, your writing should have already leveled up.

Step 4:

Publish your book, When you ask, How to become a published author, you might think how you could go about it. but, there are more ways you can publish your books now, especially nowadays when everything is online, of course having a publisher is your best bet to reaching more audiences, but you can also self-publish, you have to work hard either way.

Still know this, publishing your book after what we have discussed until now would help you a lot, consider your journey until now, and go ahead, take the plunge, there are Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Ingram Spark, Draft2Digital, and many many more places which will help you a lot for self-publishing, go ahead and just do it.

Step 5:

Market your book, publishing isn’t the end of your road, you have to consider marketing your books, go ahead target your audience, and become a best-selling author,  with enough talent and hard work there isn’t much stopping you, spread your creation to the market, once your do proper marketing and become the best selling author, you can easily be considered a published author.

Step 6:

Make an online presence, Boot your name, consider making a website as your author self, and make a blog you can even join your favorite social media platform to reach your audiences, as you interact more you will be more in tune with your readers, publishing your work won’t be a big hurdle, as long as the inspiration hits, you there won’t be any stopping you.

End of Discussions On How to Become a Published Author?

How to Become a Published Author, when you asked this question at the first of our discussion here, you might have only been an aspiring writer, but now, after discussing it at length, you probably have found a path on which you can too embark on, How to become a published author, is not just a question to your anymore. now it has become a purpose.

As we end our discussion we can only congratulate you for with hard work and proper dedication what we discussed here is your reality, so go ahead, think about it, work on it, and finally find your answer to How to become a published author, Thats all we have for now.

Be sure to check us out, our Genre of books might help you on your journey to How to Become a Published Author!

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